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Created on 21 Sept 2008.

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

[090911] Music Station: Tsuyoshi's New Single "Rain" but singing "Ongaku wo owarase yo"

Credit to j0010sec for the YouTube video:

Ongaku wo owarase yo (音楽を終わらせよう)
(I think the translation is "To end the music"...I think)

There are many kawaii scenes of Tsuyoshi on this Music Station, and I really took many many screen caps. However, I am as usual off tangent again.....the emphasis should be on his performance and I must say he was very good, even though I don't really know how to appreciate funk......(Shhhh! Don't let Tsuyoshi know!). His finger movements on his guitar...very fast and fluid! I don't know how Tsuyoshi compares against other professional guitarist but I've learnt guitar before for 1 year and I had to face the reality that my fingers just weren't fast enough to conquer the tremolo technique (I think it's called that...).

As usual, Tsuyoshi just can't help touching his hair...and this is right at the start when the camera switches to him......

A special video of Tsuyoshi's performance at Nara on 11 Jul 2009 was shown. The bird's eye view of the temple and the audience swarming the ground and the laser lights...I must say it looks really impressive! I really wish I could have been there.

This is Tsuyoshi when the camera switched back to him after the video. Why am I posting it? Hmm...isn't it obvious?! Look at his mouth! Hehehehe!

Tsuyoshi was saying that the chief priest told him that he should perform to his best and not worry about the Buddha statue behind him, but Tsuyoshi said that that Buddha statue was really big! And everybody burst out laughing as seen in screen cap below. Ok, ok, I admit I took this screen cap really for Tsuyoshi's smile!

At the end of the interview, the 2 female guest stars at the back were making the V sign to attract the camera. Tsuyoshi burst out laughing at that and I guess he also couldn't help playing a stunt too. He put his hands together like praying and the other guests started laughing when they saw it. Even Tamori-san nearly couldn't contain his smile when he saw Tsuyoshi's cheeky stunt. The final shot was where both Tamori-san and Tsuyoshi both put on a very serious face whilst Tsuyoshi "prayed".

Song Performance - Ongaku wo owarase yo:
I think Tsuyoshi must have used the same stage props as for Sora. Guess he's really on a tight budget. Notwithstanding, the effects are very good and the change of colours and projected images on the screen really changes the whole look and feel of the stage. I wonder if the stage effects were designed by him. By the way, this song is 12 minutes on the CD (Now we know why the song title is "To end the music"! Fufufu!). He had to re-arrange and condense the song to 3 minutes for this Music Station performance. Anyway, enjoy the rainbow galore!

Final ending scene. Tsuyoshi really looks kat-koi here.

And of course, I can't help but post this screen cap that I accidentally took. Why? Let me repeat: Look at his mouth! Hehehehe!

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