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Created on 21 Sept 2008.

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Koichi's Best Performance & Music: Johnny's Stage Report Live Concert & Interview Video Clips

This is Koichi in his infamous silver "spacesuit" performing the song "Falling 2009".  I have to say though the costume looks a bit funny on photos but the overall effect is quite stunning, with the dance moves and superb lighting effects! 

My friend went to Koichi's concert and she said that the dancing was coordinated with the "light balls" such that it looks like Koichi and the dancers were controlling the light balls.  We can see this in this video clip and I have to agree that it's really fabulous!

You can see from the screen cap below that Koichi is "controlling" the red ball.

My friend was telling me that the whole place looks like a universe of stars with all the lighting effects and the blue penlights.  The screen cap below gives us a glimpse of this but it's just too small and not clear enough.  I am wishing for the DVD and it'll be great if Koichi is the one editing it!!!

Finally, I just couldn't resist pasting this screen cap of a smiling Koichi!  He's actually very animated in his expressions, very child-like. 

Credit to wideshows for the YouTube video:

091115 ぷれみあむ すてぇじりぽーと (Johnny's Stage Report)

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