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Sunday, March 28, 2010

KinKi Kids Fan Vid: ツヨミン (Tsuyomin)

This is a really kawaii fan vid of KinKi Kids!  The drawing style is a bit like the cartoon "Ponyo on the cliff by the sea".

The lyrics have 4 stanzas, the 1st stanza is about Tsuyoshi, the 2nd stanza about Koichi, the 3rd stanza about KinKi Kids and the 4th stanza is about us - KKF!  The author really knows KinKi Kids very well, and I'm sure you will see many things that will just bring a smile to your face or burst out in laughter.  For example, see how different the two of them are when playing follow the leader! Hahahaha!!!



1st Stanza: Tsuyoshi

2nd Stanza: Koichi

3rd stanza: KinKi Kids

Tsuyoshi wishing upon shooting star

Kochan wishing upon shooting star

This feels like the movie "向左走,向右走".

4th Stanza: KKF
LOL! I wonder how many of you have this sense of deja vu?! Fufufu!
Recognise the items?! Phi con jacket, Tsuyosh's CA4LA beret, J con silver bag and blue (Tsuyoshi) and red (Koichi) posters, Tsuyoshi (剛紫)'s scarf, Tsuyoshi's red Adidas Originals shoes. I would luv to have the Phi con jacket!

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I love your KinKi Kids' blog! Keep up the good work! :)