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Created on 21 Sept 2008.

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

KinKi you Concert Repo 9/27 (Day 1): Toki Messe Niigata - KinKi Kids' Courage & Perseverance

(2nd revision on 29 Sept at 11.45pm)

Opening Time:18:01
Closing Time:21:03

Concert Programme List

4.KinKi Kids forever(英語Ver.)


6.Secret Code
7.10ve in the Φ
8.Natural Thang/since 1997
(Note: In the Scissors, Paper, Stone game, Kochan played cloth and lost the 14th time to Tsuyoshi's scissors. When Kochan saw Tsuyo's scissors, he imitated Tsuyo's puzzled expression in 33 Minute Detective, and Tsuyo burst out laughing)




15.青の時代 Heart

Theme of KinKi Kids

23.Secret Code

Double Encore

There are many repos of Tsuyo suffering another attack of hyperventilation during the concert performance yesterday night at Niigata. Haiz......

Kochan: Good evening! It's the first time we're meeting!
Tsuyo: How's everybody? I caught a cold yesterday.

The MC went well and KK were having a lot of fun bantering with each other.

1. Battle Loo
KK were talking about as the performance venue is a exhibition center, their resting rooms had no toilet and everybody's battling for the loo.
Audience: Kochan, I thought you don't go to the loo?
(This is in reference to his "I'm the prince and I don't know what's the loo for" long-standing joke)
Kochan: Yup, that's true, I don't go to the loo. Hence, the battle for the loo is irrelevant to me. Tsuyo: But I keep on seeing you go. Both "big business" and "small business".
Kochan: What's that?
Tsuyo: You ask your own brain.
Kochan: Hmm......

MA's 米花 (Yonehana) said that he went together with Tsuyo to the loo.
Kochan: (shocked) Together?!
Yonehana: No no, I didn't go into the loo with Tsuyo. I waited outside for Tsuyo whilst he went in.
Tsuyo: The loo was a battleground.

2. Last Episode of 33 Minute Detective
KK were discussing about the last episode of 33 Minute Detective, which was showing that very night.
Tsuyo: In this episode, I spoke that line and my character may die.
Kochan: (guessing the line is the famous one from Tsuyo's Kindaichi character) I will bet with my grandfather's reputation!
Tsuyo: I can't disclose what it is.

3. Singapore F1 Grand Prix
Kochan mentioned that there's happy news that day. He will be watching the live telecast on the Singapore F1 Grand Prix that night.
Tsuyo: (complaining) Tonight's the last episode of 33 Minute Detective, and you actually say you are watching F1. This will affect my show's ratings.
Kochan explained that as this is the first F1 night race in the world, he must watch it.
Kochan then asked if anybody knows what requires special attention in a night race.
Tsuyo: Insects will gather where the lights are. (OMG! That's so funny! Hahahahaha!)

4. Kochan's imitation of Tsuyoshi
Kochan imitated Tsuyoshi's funny expression on the recent Domoto Brothers variety show. Tsuyo complained that Kochan keeps on imitating him.

たよりにしてまっせ (Tayori Ni Shitematse) - "Please believe in me":
(click on song name to see lyrics)
(Commentary: The hyperventilation attack got triggered by the dance KK did for this song. This song appears in their A Album issued on 21 July 1997 when KK were only 18 years old. When I saw snippets of them doing the same dance they did when they were in their teens at the Tokyo KinKi you concert, I must say I was particularly amazed that Tsuyo was able to do such a demanding dance routine, considering his past hyperventilation attacks and hectic schedule (he was filming 33 min Detective). I thought Tsuyo had more or less recovered from his hyperventilation condition, but I guess it never really goes away. After all, it is in a way caused by nervousness, and even up to now, we can all see that Tsuyo still becomes nervous before he gets onstage.)

The audience wanted to see KK perform the super die-hard version of the dance for Tayori Ni Shitematse.

Kochan: (to Tsuyo) You must dance well for this song, ok?!
Tsuyo: Ok, but I'm not going to sing then.
Audience: Eehhhhhh.........
Tsuyo: It's very tough to have to sing and dance at the same time.
Kochan: (to Tsuyo) Come on! Let's start!

After the song ended, Tsuyo went straight back to the backstage without saying a word and then returned holding a bottle of tea-coloured drink. He sat down on the steps onstage, whilst Kochan carried on talking to the audience but Tsuyo didn't join in. He was looking pale and appeared to be experiencing difficulty breathing. After he finished his drink, Tsuyo went backstage again without a word. Kochan carried on entertaining the crowd.

Kochan: I am left alone onstage.
Audience: Why not talk about 33 Minute Detective?
Kochan: But I didn't act in it.
Audience: But you both are friends.
Kochan: We are not friends. We are more than that!

Kochan carried on talking but Tsuyo still had not returned onstage. MA came onstage to support Kochan.

Kochan: Since Tsuyo is not here, let's look at what he has on his table onstage.
Kochan introduced the things on his table, which comprises the officially issued Niigata towel and a big bottle of water. Kochan started introducing Tsuyo's things and there were many!
1. Tonic water (Kochan: He can actually drink this onstage?!)
2. Ice (this is placed inside the KinKi Y♡U cup) (Kochan: This is for reducing body temperature)
3. Sweets
4. Mints
5. officially issued Niigata towel (you can see a photo of the towel at
6. Pineapple juice
7. Throat spray
8. Preserved plums (x2 packets)
9. Stomach ulcer medication

Kochan: When would it be possible for Tsuyo to eat these [preserved plums and stomach ulcer medication] onstage?
MA replied that maybe during the period where the lights are dimmed.

MA: We heard the staff said both of you are not going out for dinner but are ordering room service. After hearing your MC just now, we now know why - F1!

Kochan and MA carried on chatting but Kochan appeared to be distracted and not really paying attention to the talk. After a while (about 10 min since Tsuyo went backstage),
Kochan: Let me go and see how Tsuyo is.

Kochan went towards the backstage and lifted up the curtain to see how Tsuyo was doing. Kochan then told the audience that Tsuyo was playing guitar, and he imitated the way Tsuyo plays his guitar.

(Commentary: Based on the fans' blogs, I understand that Tsuyo had gone through a very difficult period (around 1997-8 to 2002) where he experienced depression, hyperventilation attacks and even suicidal thoughts. Nobody seems to know what caused Tsuyo to change from a cheerful and bubbly boy to a withdrawn and reserved young man, but thankfully, Tsuyo managed to pull himself out from that dark period around 2003 and he said that it was music that finally saved him. I guess Tsuyo must be trying to calm himself down by playing the guitar.)

After a while, Tsuyo came out carrying the guitar and a mike with mike stand, looking very pale.
Tsuyo: (without expression) Sorry. It has suddenly become difficult for me to breathe.

MA brought onstage Kochan's guitar and that ended the MC.

Afer that, Tsuyo seemed to be in quite a bad condition. He continue with singing and dancing, but did not seem to have much energy. He kept rubbing his chest and it can be seen that his chest turned red. When it's not his turn to sing, it can be seen that he's trying to control his breathing. Kochan kept looking at Tsuyo to check his condition.

Secret Code:
During the MC before Secret Code performance, KK were talking about the funny way Tsuyo's character would run in the 33min Detective drama with Secret Code playing in the background. So Kochan said that this time, he will be running whilst singing the song. So when Tsuyo was singing his part, Kochan starting running, but what was so funny was that he was running rounds around Tsuyo!

During the encore, Tsuyo appeared to have recovered a fair bit and was smiling a little. However, Tsuyo still didn't talk much and left it to Kochan to carry on talking. When they were bidding farewell to go backstage, Tsuyo was finally able to say goodnight to everybody in a kawaii (cute) manner.

Double Encore:
Tsuyo appears to have recovered substantially, and he was smiling and KK continued with the chat from the last MC.
Tsuyo: I wanted to go out to try Niigata's famous rice, but you want to watch F1.
Kochan: It's ok, you can go out with the others.
Tsuyo: don't understand. Never mind. I've already ordered room service anyway.

Then Kochan carried on with his teasing of 米花 (Yonehana) who forgot to zip up his pants earlier in the performance. Tsuyo then did a comical spoof of Yonehana - he released a loud shout and did a zipping up action with his back facing the audience. So Kochan turned him around to face the audience and asked him to do it again, and Tsuyo did it again.
Kochan: This action is really funny!

After that, Tsuyo was persuaded to do a side flip and Kochan with his melting smile (reserved only for Tsuyo) praised Tsuyo for doing the side flip beautifully.

When they bidded the final farewell to the audience, Tsuyo again said goodnight in a kawaii (cute) voice and blew flying kisses to the audience.

KK's Courage & Perseverance:
(Commentary: I really wanted to end this post with a happy note. This year has been a really wonderful year for KK and KKF. Even though Tsuyo suffered the hyperventilation attack yesterday night, he will not want to be defeated by it. Both Tsuyo and Kochan must be feeling bad about what happened yesterday, and especially Tsuyo, he would feel that he has not delivered his best to the audience. I would rather that we do not remember this concert as the concert where Tsuyo suffered another hyperventilation attack. I had read from fans' blogs that Tsuyo had during the 2003 F Concert in Nagoya suffered a very serious hyperventilation action, but he also valiantly carried on till the end of the concert. You can see the ML of the 2003 F Con at these links: (Part 1) and (Part 2).

Despite his efforts, Tsuyo still had to thereafter face the callous accusations of KO fans who said that Tsuyo was only putting on a pretense and faking the illness, and that he unfairly left everything for Kochan to shoulder. Sometimes, one wonders whether these people still have any tinge of humanity, compassion or conscience left in them.)

I do not want Tsuyo to remember this concert as a repeat of the 2003 F Con. Instead, I want Tsuyo and all of us to remember this concert as a testimony of KK's courage and perseverance:

Tsuyo, for his willingness to tackle the demanding dance, despite his health condition.

Kochan, for valiantly carrying on the MC alone, despite being worried for Tsuyo and probably feeling guilty for edging Tsuyo to do the super die-hard vesion of the dance.

Tsuyo, for returning onstage and carrying on the show to the best he can despite his breathing difficulties.

Kochan, for him clowning around, like running rounds around Tsuyo during Secret Code, to make Tsuyo and the audience laugh.

Tsuyo, for trying so hard to please the audience during the double encore to make up for his hyperventilation attack, clowning around, smiling non-stop, doing the side flip, acting cute and blowing flying kisses.

Kochan, for knowing Tsuyo so well.
(Commentary: After the 2003 G Con incident, Kochan had said that when Tsuyo is not feeling well, it is best that he is left alone, as the more attention is placed on him, the worst he will feel)

KinKi Kids, you are the best! 頑張って (ganbatte)!

Other Interesting Snippets:

1. Kochan cut his hair 2 days before the 9/27 concert.

2. Kochan referred wrongly to "Sendai" instead of "Niigata" two times during the Encore!

3. Why are you here!?!
Kochan: Who is here for the first time for our concert?
Audience: Me! Me!
Kochan: Who is here but is not our fan?
Audience: Me! Me!
Kochan: Why are you here!?!
Tsuyo: (to Kochan) You are so rude! These people have spent money and time to come to our concert!

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