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Saturday, May 29, 2010

[2010.06.30] Yakushiji Live DVD

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Finally, something is moving on the KinKi Kids' scene!  Tsuyoshi is releasing his Yakushiji Live DVD on 30 June 2010.  It's been sooooooooooo long since there's been any new release from KinKi Kids, Tsuyoshi or Koichi! Last year, I was still complaining that there's too much solo and so little KinKi Kids; this year, I'm just grateful that there's a music release in any form so long as it involves either of them!  Orz...... See how well trained we KKF have become.

Below is a summary table showing the differences between Limited and Regular Editions.  I can never understand why it always seems so complicated to differentiate between the two editions... Anyway, I was still hesitating whether to order Limited or Regular edition (cuz I will usually buy one under the Jap version and the other one under the HK/TW version with Chinese subtitles) but before I know it, the Limited edition is already sold out on YesAsia!  Arghhhhhh!  So I quickly placed my order with CD Japan, which is more expensive by nearly S$20!!! Orz....

Limited Edition
(8000 yen)
Normal Edition
(5200 yen)
2 DVD + 1 CD, in a three-way case
DVD 1:
Recording of live performance on 11 Jul 2009 (80 min)
Recording of live performance on 11 Jul 2009 (80 min)
Recording of Tsuyoshi's return visit to Yakushiji after live performance (15 min)

DVD 2: Special Film Feature
"Editing Room Documentary" (115 min)

This is a documentary record of Tsuyoshi in the editing room editing the live DVD.

"INTERVIEW: A Stroll in Nara" (35 min)

This is a travel documentary of Tsuyoshi strolling through some sights of Nara.
CD contents:
Recording of live performances of 10 songs on 10 Jul 2009:
「美 空」
Let’s Get FUNKASY !!!
Love is the key
「空がなくから~春 涙」
「空 ~美しい我の空」

Limited Edition:

Regular Edition:

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