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Sunday, August 8, 2010


Today is the start of Tsuyoshi's concert:

Of course we fans all know that this name is derived from his solo name:

Cheri E is probably coined by Tsuyoshi based on the French word "cherie" (pronounced sha-REE) which means "darling" or "dear one".  It's really so him to think of such a sweet name for the concert! The fans are his dear ones and he's our darling!

8/8 (Sun), 5 pm:  Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Center
8/13 (Fri), 7 pm:  Marine Messe Fukuoka
8/19 (Thur), 7 pm:  Nippon Gaishi Hall, Nagoya
8/24 (Tue), 7 pm and 8/25 (Wed), 7 pm:  Yoyogi National Gymnasium, Tokyo
8/28 (Sat), 7 pm and 8/29 (Sun), 5 pm:  Osaka-jō Hall

The concert goods are really lovely and I am dying to get hold of them!
キーホルダー / key holder = 800
カチューム / headband = 500

クッション / cushion = 1200
Size is about 30 cm on each side. 

うちわ / uchiwa = 300

Here comes my favourite!
トライアングルバッグ / triangle bag = 4500
Colour is enamel purple and gold. 
Height of bag (excluding straps) is about 32 cm and depth is about 9.5 cm. Width is unknown.

かさ / umbrella = ?円 (will not be produced due to problems with the quality)

You can see the size of the various goods from the photo below:


Anonymous said...

=.= i want it all~~ mad...

Yuuri said...

Hey there =)
I'm pretty happy to read this piece of news cuz ... I'm French. So the fact he probably used the word "Chérie" makes me feel proud. However, I hope it's not the case in a way. Cuz I'm a KKK love addict (xD) you know, and "Chérie" is used for girls. Otherwise it'd be "Chéri" without the E. XD So ... I hope it's not to pay an hommage for a kind of girlfried or something ... lol. Yeah it'd kill all my fanfictions ... (I'm so silly sometimes. xD)

Well, I have two questions :

1 / Where can I buy these goods ? \o/ They are SO great (I'm dying to buy the bag !!!)
2 / Do you know anything about these rumours of a love between bonnie pink and Tsuyopon ? I really can't get anything of this. It seems pretty unrealistic to me. Oo
Moreover, as I can't read chinese, and barely understand Japanese, it's pretty hard to get informations. T_T (It's been a while since I know this rumor but have they been seen together or something ? Except of the fact she went to Tsuyo's concert.)Why can't they have some blogs in English ? XD Or in French ? Or even in Spanish ! XDDDD Languages that I actually can speak ! *Yeah it's the selfish part of me. xD*

Anyway, I really hope Tsuyoshi-kun is happy right now. (yeah, I was kinda traumatised by his Sunday Morning lyrics ! ... "Yappari boku o aisenai to " ? He is both so inspiring, and I feel pretty insecure to be fan of him. You never really get how he really feels. >.<)

MOREOVER : What's that stupid rumor about the KINKI KIDS disbanding because they sang "Swan Song" ? It's SOOO annoying ! I mean, what's with all these rumors ! It feels SO wrong when I read that ... >.<

Anyway, your blog is REALLY great. I have SO MUCH fun reading it all... It's awesome. Please, keep up the good work. It's pretty hard to find some great sites about our dear KINKI KIDS and especially Domoto Tsuyoshi. Plus, your blog feeds my fantasy about the KKK love. xD We're both the same about it. It'd feel so great if all these expectations were true... haha~~

Gotta love your blog. ~~

Thank you by advance. Let the Tsuyopower be with you. XD

Chrissy said...

Hi Yuuri, thanks for your long reply.

My response to your queries:

1) I don't think Tsuyo's french is so good that he can really tell the difference between cheri and cherie! Hahahaha! Anyway, Tsuyo even wears female clothes and apply eyeliner before. And we all think he's super cute! So cheri e can refer to himself. I am a die-hard KKL, so no way cheri e is meant to direct at any particular gf!

2) I think that bonnie pink and tsuyo rumour is quite unsubstantiated. It only appeared once in some small-time mag, I think.

3) For Tsuyo's con goods, you can only buy at the concert venues themselves when he's performing.

4) As for the rumour of Swan Song, because swan song in English means it's the last long, the Japanese fans were worried that this would be KinKi Kids' parting song. Well, it's obviously not! I'm waiting for their K Album!

Glad my blog is able to provide a source of information to you. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to blog much. You can also go to the Domoto Kyoudai Live Journal community for more information on KK in English.