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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

[FanFic] Myojo Sept 2010: The Umbrella and The Bike (Kuso version)

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Koichi: I'm going to take Tsuyo out for a ride on my new bike tomorrow!  It's eco and close to nature (Tsuyo will like that) and most importantly, Tsuyo will be riding pillion on my bike (we will be like a pair of young lovers! Hoho!).

The next morning.

Tsuyo:  Hmm...why isn't Kochan here yet?  It's wet and cold......

Tsuyo:  Haiz...Kochan's still not here yet.  Wonder if he's lost again......ano...what's this thread sticking out on my umbrella? Let me neaten the loose do doh! do do do do doh! [ala Tsuyo's singing as the "little" blue dot in cm]

Tsuyo:  It's getting late, I think I'd better start searching for Kochan...he's probably lost his way again.

Meanwhile, we go to the scene where Koichi is at to find out why he is late.

Kochan: Oops......where did I park my bicycle?

Will Tsuyoshi's search for his beloved Kochan be successful?
Me:  知りません (shirimasen, i.e. I don't know)
[imitating Tsuyo's "haughty" tone in DB 100725! Fufufu!]

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ryo said...

it's very cute fanfic!^^'