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Created on 21 Sept 2008.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


This year is the 15th anniversary of KinKi Kids' CD debut.  However, many fans have been bemoaning the fact that there does not seem to be any celebration activities.  Koichi and Tsuyoshi have both been busy with their solo performances.  Even up to now, there is still no news that there will be the annual KinKi Kids' year end concert!

There have been rumours that Johnny's Entertainment agency does not care about the older idol groups and the management is only focused on the younger idol groups.  I have to say with great regret that I do think the rumours are true.  The management appears to just want easy money and the power that comes with being in control of the younger and more popular groups. 

Just as one begins to wonder whether KK themselves care about KinKi Kids, they sent out a very clear message to all the KK fans out there - they do care!

24 Sep 2012 - Hey! Hey! Hey! (Live telecast)

Credit to: littlemo5124BKoichi appeared on Hey! Hey! Hey! live telecast to perform his solo song - Danger Zone from his new Gravity album.  Koichi was performing outdoor and it was raining

The host asked him what would be his answer to the question "Eh?! Is that really so?".
He jokingly replied "Isn't it dancing in the rain?".  

Then he flipped over his answer clipboard and on it, it is written:
(Even though it is our 15th anniversary...)

Koichi:  Downtown is 30th anniversary?  Takki & Tsubasa is 10th anniversary?  KinKi Kids is 15th anniversary but there is totally nothing planned

Koichi looked to his right side and asked, "Why am I alone today?"
Downtown: Is there really nothing planned for 15th anniversary?
Koichi:  None.
(All the fans were going "ehhhhhh.....?!?!")

Koichi:  I did ask whether it is true that there are no activities planned.  The year is ending already.

Downtown:  You need to quickly resolve that matter!
(Downtown burst out laughing)
Koichi (laughingly):  Sumi-masennnnn? (Excuse meeeeee...?)
(I think Downtown cracked a dirty joke here...they are quite notorious for it.  I  shan't tell you what went through my mind when I heard that......definitely very KKL thoughts!  Fufufu!)

25 Sep 2012 - Love Fighter

The next day, Tsuyohi updated his Love Fighter.  Just 3 syllabus but enough to touch our hearts!

僕も  (boku mo) (Me too)

Good for them!  Way to go, Koichi and Tsuyoshi!

Whilst Japanese culture subscribes to obedience, respect for hierarchy, blah blah blah, there should be a limit to what one can tolerate!  This is KinKi Kids' 15th anniversary, for goodness sake!  How can the agency be so callous and not plan any activity to celebrate it?  I never expected Koichi to be the one to raise this on national live TV.  If it was Tsuyoshi, I wouldn't be surprised.  I thought Koichi would be the type to handle such matters behind the scene.  This really goes to show that even Koichi is fed up with the agency and has no choice but to take it up on national live TV where it can't be edited.

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