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Saturday, April 4, 2009

090403: Tsuyoshi at the Opening of Nara Mahoroba-kan at Tokyo, Shibuya, Nihonhashi

奈良まほろば館 東京・日本橋
奈良市観光特別大使 堂本剛さん

Tsuyoshi is the Nara City Sightseeing Special Ambassador. He was at the opening ceremony of the Nara Mahoroba-kan and gave a short interview. 78 of his photographs are also exhibited there.

I can't help but laugh when I saw this side-view of his hair! Fufufu! But on Tsuyoshi, everything looks kawaii!!!

Tsuyoshi looks so baby-ish! And his pouting Mt Fuji mouth! Ahhhhh! Kawaii!!! I want to take him home!

This photo is to be treasured. Koichi's camera-pose-cold-look-phobia has been proven to be contagious as Tsuyoshi's most common pose nowadays is similar to his partner.

Credit to ShimizuAcupuncture for the YouTube video:

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