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Created on 21 Sept 2008.

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Domoto Brothers #384 (090419): Koichi says he can't imagine what it's like to marry someone within the group......

Edited on 22 April 2009

OMG! Koichi said something really ten-nen (天然; airhead) again this episode. The guest is a singer within a band and she married a band member.

Koichi:メンバーの中で結婚到達するって 僕らには全然イメージのわからない (Members within the same group ending up married to each other, we totally don't understand what sort of image that would be) [Interesting that he used "we" instead of "I"]

And of course, the whole set either was stunned or burst out laughing, with Tom-san being the first to burst out.

Tom-san: そりャあ そうだろうよ!(That is of course so!)

Then the camera zooms in on a bemused and resigned-looking Tsuyoshi who looks like he's trying very hard to think how to respond to Koichi's statement. Watch out for Tsuyoshi's hands as he keeps massaging them. Wonder if it's a sign of nervousness?!?! Fufufu!

Tsuyoshi: これがちょと問題ですね (If that is the case...that would be a bit of a problem)

Koichi: ないもんなぁ そんなんなぁ (No such thing...this type of thing) Koichi actually said the above sentence "nai mon naa, son nan naa" in a cute 撒娇 (maybe can translate as coquettish child-like manner) tone, stretching the "na" sound at the end of each phrase.

I don't know whether Koichi missed the point or what but that's when Tsuyoshi "breaks down" and bursts out (laughingly) at Koichi.

Tsuyoshi: だから!あったらアカンって!(Because! If there's such a thing, it's not possible!)

And our Koichi carries on laughing merrily away at being chided by his wifey......

You all must watch the video for yourself. It's very funny!!!

KKL's note: And I read from momo's website that there was one more line that was edited out! The fact that this line was edited out lends credence to the KKL fans' speculations!

Tsuyoshi: Because if that's the case, it would become very troublesome!

Now, is there really a need for Tsuyoshi to say this after he's already said the obvious which is that it's not possible for 2 males to marry each other?!? I'll leave that to your own speculation! Fufufufu!

At the end, we have the birthday celebration for Takami-san and Tsuyoshi. I wonder whose voice was singing so loudly the "Happy Birthday To You" in the background??? I hope it's Koichi!

Credit to chiu0518 for the YouTube video:


Anonymous said...

Hello friend,

You are very quick in your report today. Honestly, if I do not think of the "pink", Koichi in saying that he has no image of members within the group getting married need not refer to KinKi themselves right? It's just that it is not common for member to marry member that's all or at least he does not know of any. But the fact, that the rest inclusive of Tsuyoshi saying that it is not possible draws us to conclude that they are talking about the 2 of them, which means that indeed the pink is not mere act. Hahahaha....


Chrissy said...

Hi Ros

Actually I have to agree that the pink is not really there lah. Think everybody stirring up a bit of pink cuz there is really a lack of KK activities and news. Though I love Tsuyoshi's new songs, I still miss KK. We will still have to at least wait until Tsuyoshi finishes his solo con......

ryo said...

I think it's normal for Koichi to ask the question. But, when Tom-san interrupted and followed by Tsuyo.. so, it's KKL fishy..
Thanks for pointed out, Chrissy~

Oh, I think it's Koichi who sing it loud^^