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Friday, April 10, 2009

090410: Happy 30th Birthday, Tsuyoshi!!!

Having surfed the blogs of other KK fans, everybody has already broadcasted their birthday wishes to Tsuyoshi early in the day. And I have instead left it towards the end of the day. =.= Partly cuz I only woke up at about 4 pm this afternoon! Yes, please don't be shocked. I have the talent of sleeping long hours. But partly it's cuz I fell ill yesterday evening with fever and diarrhea, but I'm fine now. And I was thinking what I wanted to do for Tsuyoshi since it's the first birthday of his that I'm celebrating. So after surfing around and seeing all the wonderful things that other fans have done for him, I've decided I shall not be over-ambitious but shall instead just write him a simple letter to send him my well wishes. Of course it'll never reach his hands, and he won't understand it even if I do send it out cuz it's in English, but still, here it goes.

Dear Tsuyoshi

Happy 30th Birthday!

It's actually the first time I'm celebrating your birthday. did you first capture my attention? Well, it was sometime around mid of last year when I first saw the Phi concert kisses on Youtube! Fufufu! Yes, I have to admit it was your sensational kisses to Koichi that captured my fancy! LOL!

However, seriously speaking, if it was simply that, my fascination wouldn't have lasted long. I mean, other artistes have done even more sensational and erotic things on stage, and I don't see myself even bothering to bat an eye. So what kept me on wanting to know more and more about you (and of course Koichi) and falling more and more in love with you (and of course Koichi too)?
[Side whisper: Tsuyoshi, I hope you understand that I have to mention Koichi now and then in case he thinks I'm sending a love letter to you and starts laser-eyeing me.]

On my road of discovery of KinKi Kids, I fell in love with the music of KinKi Kids - Harmony of December, Anniversary, Seppaku no tsuki (雪白の月), The Edge of the Word, Bonnie Butterfly, Snapshot, eien ni (永遠に), On the Night of a Blackout, etc etc etc. I was amazed that the pop idol duo that I thought wouldn't be able to sing well actually could sing so beautifully. Especially you, Tsuyoshi. Hearing your voice now and comparing against the voice of your younger days, I know how much effort you have put into improving your vocal skills. And I started listening to your solo works, and I was even more impressed. You can compose music and write lyrics. I am a literature student and words impress me deeply. And I was and still am totally won over by your lyrical talents. Your lyrics are beautiful, deep and meaningful. And your most recent new releases again prove your musical and literature talents.

Then, it was your strong and wonderful character. Your desire to present the genuine you to the world, your desire to live out the true you, your courage to do that, your innocence that shines forth from your eyes, your smiles and laughter from simple joys, your gentleness and sensitivity to others, your courage to walk out from your depression. In a way, I am glad that I only know you now. I am impressed by those fans who have walked with you since your youth, through your depression, through your period of silence and daze, through your rebellious and angry days, through your lost period, through the period where you didn't even want to walk out from your house for fear of being hurt and also hurting others who love you, through the days frought with rumours of the breakup of KinKi Kids, etc. Those were very tough days and it must have been very painful for you. Likewise, for the people who love you, including the fans. I am one of those lucky fans who are enjoying the sweetness of knowing you, without having to go through the bitterness. But I know those fans don't regret it, because they know you know, they know you love them.

There is so much of you that I can't seem to put down into words. I guess someone who is not a fan reading this will probably think this is just another star-crazed silly fan. I wish I can express myself better and convey to those reading this how amazing a person you really are. You are not just a star, you are Tsuyoshi, a unique individual gifted with many talents but nurturing a very sensitive soul. Your sensitive soul makes you troubled often and entraps you many a times when a more rational person would not think much of the matter, but without your sensitive soul, you would also not be who you are.

So on this 30th birthday of yours, I am glad to see a triumphant Tsuyoshi who has walked out from his lost wandering days and has now found his old self back, and my wishes to you would be that your everyday would continue to bring you hope, joy and courage to live out everyday as your true self, and to be able to see your kawaii smile reflecting geniune happiness over and over again.

With all my love
10 April 2009

And to commemorate my first celebration of Tsuyoshi's birthday, let me indulge myself by reviewing the photos and video clips of the sensational Phi con kisses from Tsuyoshi to Koichi!!!
[Side whisper from a stranger: this Tsuyoshi's birthday or your own birthday???
Me OS: Shhh!!! You're disturbing me!]

Kiss No. 1:
Tsuyoshi kisses Koichi on the right cheek after Koichi complained about Nagase kissing him there at the Johnny's Countdown.

Kiss No. 2:
Tsuyoshi applied a lot of the Lush lipcream (which was supposed to be the birthday present to Koichi) on his own lips, 'commanded' Koichi to close his eyes and then kissed him on the lips!!!

Kiss No. 3:
Tsuyoshi was trying to pull Koichi up from the sponge cubes, and then Koichi pulled him down instead. Tsuyoshi then pushed Koichi flat down and fell on him and kissed him!!!

Kiss No. 4:
Tsuyoshi tenderly kisses Koichi on his forehead.

Kiss No. 5:
Koichi said that his right cheek has been kissed by Nagase, his mouth and forehead by Tsuyoshi, and his left cheek is still unkissed. Tsuyoshi pretended to ignore him and then pounced on him to claim his left cheek as well!!!

Kiss No. 6:
Koichi kisses Tsuyoshi back! Finally! YEAH!!!

Harmony of December:
And finally, the so very beautiful and romantic love song they sang to each other at the Phi concert.

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