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Saturday, January 9, 2010

[100104] TV Reports of KinKi Kids' J Concert Tour and Johnny's Countdown 2009-10

100104 Tokyo MX TV News 3:15 - Countdown 2009-10
Source: 8891588915
- Tsuyo holds Koichi's hands up when turned midnight,Performance of Harmony of December, Machi's Motto

100104 Tokyo MX TV News 3:17 - J Con

Source: 8891588915
- Performance of  Garasou no Shonen, Birthday cake, Birthday drawing of "Pan", Johnny-san called Pan-chan "Bread", Performance of Swan Song

Source: wideshows2
-  Performance of Garasou no Shonen, Secret Code, Blow out candles on birthday cake
-  37th performance at Tokyo Dome,  Birthday Cake, O tanjyobi omedeto, Koichi's thank you speech

Source: wideshows2
- 銀色暗号, Tsuyoshi's Love Song (1st line), Birthday cake, "Pan" picture, Koichi eat strawberries, Koichi says this is the best birthday ever, Swan Song,
- Swan Song, Birthday cake, Tsuyoshi's love song (Kimi ga suteki dayo), Koichi lies down on the steps

Source: wideshows2
 - Tsuyo holds Koichi's hand up at turn of midnight at Johnny's Countdown, Garasou no Shonen, Johnny's Juniors, Birthday cake, Koichi's thank you speech

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