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Created on 21 Sept 2008.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

KinKi Kids' Concert Tour J: 091231 and 100101 Tokyo Dome (Part 2)

I think I will start first with Tsuyoshi's birthday love song for Koichi on 1 Jan concert!  Fufufu!  Well, it's obviously the most important and romantic moment in J con!

At the start of the 1st MC, when Koichi started introducing himself, Tsuyoshi suddenly ran to the back of the stage.  As that section of the stage was in darkness, we couldn't see Tsuyoshi at all and Koichi pretended to look bewildered, looking left and right for Tsuyoshi, saying, "Is this my solo?".

At that very moment, we hear the strains of music and the spotlight shined on Tsuyoshi who was playing on the keyboard.  (Wahhhh!  I didn't expect Tsuyoshi to start on his love song so quickly!  Fufufu!)

Koichi then commented, "I think this is going to take very long."  (Lol! He definitely knows best since he's a very experienced "victim"!) And then, he said, "I want to sit down" and he then sat down on the steps leading up to the musicians' decks.

Tsuyoshi launched into his love song for Koichi's 31st birthday.

Tsuyoshi's love song for Koichi
Source for Japanese lyrics: 白羽*白雨
Chinese translation reference: キンキだけの世界
Concert MP3 Audio Clip Download link:  Domoto Kyoudai (fenlings)

"I love you" MP3 Audio Clip Download link:  Rayfile
(Note:  I have taken the liberty of modifying some of the Japanese lyrics and my English translation may not be the same as the Chinese translation.  As my Japanese is limited, I might be wrong and ask for your indulgence.)

光一 もうおじさん
Koichi, you are already an ojisan (old man)
ねぇ光一 バーボンの用意はれきてるかい
ne Koichi, have you prepared the bourbon?
光一 古着のジーンズなんて絶対はかないいって 可愛い笑顔で言った日もあったね
Koichi, you once said that you will never put on secondhand jeans.  You had such an adorable smiling face on the day you you said that ne.
でも光一 君はもうおじさんだね
But Koichi, you are already an ojisan da-ne
だけどね光一 君は素敵だよ
Even though so ne Koichi, you are lovely da-yo

君がいなければ 僕はいないだろう
If you are not here, I guess there wouldn't be me
僕がいるから  君が笑ってくれるだろう?
Because I exist, I can be gifted with your smile, don't you agree?
「光一」 何度この名前を呼んだだよ 叫んだったよ
Koichi, how often I have called out your name da-yo, cried out your name yo
悲しい夕日の色に* 負けそうな夜も  
Amidst the sorrowful colours of the sunset, in a seemingly defeated night
君の笑顔を思い出せば  涙が枯れたんのだ
When I think of your smiling face, my tears will dry up
(*At this romantic moment, Koichi accidentally touched the bottom of his mic, thus creating a loud feedback noise.  Audience all burst out laughing at this point.  Orz...baka as usual, our prince Koichi.  Koichi apparently was already "corrected" during the concert on the first night by the Johnny's Juniors not to touch the bottom of his mic to prevent creating the feedback noise, but he still created it a few times on the first night!)

光一 ねぇ君が  こうして  いねるれることが  いつまでも続くように歌うよ
Koichi, ne, I hope to be able to sing forever of you thus

(Tsuyoshi then played a few more bars and slowly brought the music to a close.....or so everybody thought as the audience all started clapping and going "woah"......and then Tsuyoshi sang out "ne Koichi" and played on.  Audience again all burst out laughing.  Tsuyoshi managed to trick us all again.  We KK fans are all so M......) 

ねぇ光一 ねぇ光一
ne Koichi, ne Koichi
君が~wo~ 目を見つめろ
Gazing intently at you
An unknown self emerges
An unknown love emerges
An unknown love emerges
An unknown radiant you emerges

I love you
I love you
I love you you you
I love you

(I think somewhere in the above 2 stanzas, Koichi lied down on the steps in a very ojisan manner. Something like the red matchstick figure in the screen cap below.  Sorry, my artistic skills unfortunately are also comparable to Koichi's......Then somewhere later down the line, probably in the next stanza, Koichi sat up and changed direction, laying his head down on the other side in exactly the same posture, save that it's symmetrical like a mirror image. That's why the fans keep laughing even though Tsuyoshi's lyrics were so touching.  Our baka Prince strikes again...)

このメロディーが君を永久の  眠りへと誘うはずはないさ 
This melody should not induce you to sleep for eternity
起きてよ 僕を見てよ
Wake up yo, look at me yo
僕の心の目は  いつも君の愛を愛を愛を愛を見つめてる
My heart is always gazing at your love love love love 
I love you I love you
一方通行の I love you
One-way traffic, I love you
(I think this line uses one-way traffic as a metaphor to describe his love for Koichi.  Since the street is a one-way traffic, there is no other way to go for his love to go.  He can only love Koichi.  Well, that's my interpretation.)

おじさん  起きたよ*
Ojisan, wake up yo
(*This line is hilarious and all burst out laughing.  On the big screen, we can see that Koichi also couldn't help but break out into a grin at this point. He was still lying in that ojisan manner on the steps at that point.) 
You can catch a cold yo
Work has begun yo
As you may catch a cold in such a "bed" yo-ra
I will use my voice to warm you yo

起きたかな選らんよ?* (I think Koichi sat up at this point.)
Have you decided to wake up yo?
寝起きが悪い君 顔が可愛い
Though you usually wake up in a bad mood, the look on your face then is adorable.

I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you  シルバーパンツ Silver pants

(I think it is around the above "I love you" stanza that Koichi started to massage and stretch his legs whilst seated on the steps.  The "silver pants" is absolutely hilarious, referring to the silver pants Koichi was wearing then.  I have to sheepishly confess I heard "silver butts" during the concert...Orz...don't ask me why.)

I love you
Your birth into this world lets everybody know the meaning of light
Such radiance, we will love you so as not to let it be extinguished
Such radiance, we will love you so as not to let it be extinguished
Silver pants

Don't read this hidden paragraph below if you don't want to spoil your romantic impression of the love song, or you are anti-KKL or you are a passionate KKL. It's in black-coloured font and you can read it by blocking it.

Koichi actually maintained an expressionless face most of the time during the singing, only breaking out into a grin a few rare times when tickled by Tsuyoshi's lyrics.  Otherwise, he was very controlled and emotionless, especially at the beginning where he looked upset with Tsuyoshi for singing the love song.  Koichi's cold attitude was in such contrast to the love expressed in the song that Tsuyoshi was singing to him.  I found it hard to immerse myself fully in the love song with Koichi looking so cold and indifferent.  It's not like Phi con where Koichi was raised on an elevated platform and pretended frustration at his predicament.  Here, there's not much interaction between Koichi and Tsuyoshi as Tsuyoshi sang.  Koichi was just not looking at Tsuyoshi, and was either pretending that he was sleeping or massaging his legs.  

I don't believe Koichi doesn't appreciate Tsuyoshi's love song.  It's just so touching.  I also don't believe that the love song is just a gimmick.  I believe Tsuyoshi meant every word he sang. My guess is that Koichi had to pretend indifference in order to protect their love.  They must have had some sort of caution from the JE agency or Johnny-san who came to their concert on their 1st night and called up Koichi the next day on 31 Dec.  Afterall, they did play overboard during their performance of Swan Song on Music Station Special Live on Christmas.  Fans who wish for them to come open with their relationship may have under-estimated the conservatism of the Japanese society.  Whilst it might be acceptable for them to fool around in such a way that suggests they are a homosexual couple, I don't think the Japanese society will be able to accept and condone them if it is openly admitted. The day their relationship is out in the open might be the day that signals the end of their career.

Whilst it would have been a memorable experience to witness their kissing live, in a way, I am glad that there's no kiss at the 1 Jan concert this time.  We heard fans saying things like too bad there's no kissing this year but I don't think that's right.  Their kiss shouldn't become a routine; an expected part of the concert; a mere performance.  That's not the reason why we love to see them kiss.  I don't know about others but I fell in love with them because I believe they are truly in love with each other.  To me, their kiss would have been a symbol of their love.  However, I would rather give up the chance to see them kiss onstage if it means that their love or their kiss would be tainted by crass expectations from certain fans.

At the end of it all, I have to admit that it was not totally as wonderful an experience as I had hoped the concert would be.  However, I walk away still with the same belief that they are in love with each other.  Why? Cuz there's no reason for Koichi to behave so indifferently and coldly in response to Tsuyoshi's love song if they are just partners.  Koichi is not such a cold-hearted or emotionless person.  The only reason can only be that they need to cast doubt again in people's mind as to whether they are or are not a couple, so as to protect their secret; so that they can carry on as KinKi Kids and with the careers they love.  Reality is never easy, love is never easy, especially love between 2 guys who are also artistes and partners.  J con was not exactly the wonderful experience I was hoping for, as I was hoping to see KinKi Kids' beautiful 白い世界 (utopian world), but got instead a glimpse into their reality world.

Tsuyoshi, Koichi, I can only pray that despite all the difficulties in this world, the two of you would continue to hold on firmly to each other, to support each other, to love each other, to never give up on each other.  Ironically, despite my religious beliefs, my belief in true love springs forth from these 2 guys.


emily said...

is there any way to get the song for the non live journal people? thanks

Chrissy said...

It's easy to join the live journal. Just open an account and join the community. I'm not sure where else you can get the download.

ryo said...

Here's the song I got from since1997:

Thanks for share your wonderful experience, Chrissy.
I wish my chance will come soon..

Chrissy said...

Hi Ryo

Thanks for sharing the link. Yes, it was a really special experience. I hope all KinKi Kids fans would have a chance to watch them live at least once in a lifetime. They really sing very well!

Jem said...

Actually, from what I can see from the ML of the song, it would seem like Koichi was trying to hide his emotions rather than really being cold and expressionless. He was obviously displaying his typical signs of being shy and nervous. Ok, maybe shy is not exactly the right word... hmm. Anyway, KKL Forver!