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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Amazing how Tsuyoshi performs so beautifully the songs of other artistes!

This is a compilation of Tsuyoshi's performances of other artistes' songs. The songs are not really in any sequence. Maybe more like the ones I like better are placed at the top of the list! :P I will update this list as and when I come across any other video clips.

I am always so amazed by Tsuyoshi's renditions of other artistes' songs. This is probably not the first time I've said it but it's worth repeating. You know...when you've heard someone else perform a song already, the tendency is just to imitate how the original artiste sings it. However, not so for Tsuyoshi. He always seems to imprint his own style and intepretation into the songs. Of course some might say that his renditions are not as good as the original artiste's. After all, liking is subjective and the original artistes are all very good and talented singers. The ones that Tsuyoshi performed during his junior days were, I have to admit, not that good as his singing was then still not good. However, you must not miss the more recent ones such as Shirushi, Hajamari wa itsumo ame and I love you. Tsuyoshi sings them beautifully.

1. Shirushi (しるし)
Original Artiste: Mr Children
Performed by Tsuyoshi on 090118 Domoto Brothers #371

Credit to Dsarts5673 for the YouTube video:

2. Hajimari wa itsumo ame (はじまりはいつも雨)
Original Artiste: Chage & Aska
Performed by Tsuyoshi on 080427 - Domoto Brothers #338

Credit to fiyazhan for the YouTube video:
(Double-click on the video screen to go to the YouTube website to watch the HD version. The visuals are fantastic!)

3. To A White World (白い世界へ)
Original Artiste: [kiv]
Performed by Tsuyoshi at [kiv]

Credit to angelcutenina for the YouTube video:

4. My Wish
Original Artiste: Koichi Domoto
Performed by Tsuyoshi at 2002 ROSSO E AZZURRO con

Credit to coffeepencil for the YouTube video:

5. I Love You
Original Artiste: 尾崎豐

(a) Performed by Tsuyoshi on 090107 Shoujiki Shindoi

Credit to sdwansui for the Tudou video:

(b) Performed by Tsuyoshi at KinKi Kids' 98 concert at Yoyogi White Theatre

Credit to tsuyoshi2444ENDLI for the YouTube video:

6. Mitakete koran yoru no hoshi wo (見上けてこらん 夜の星を)
Original Artiste: Kyu Sakamoto
Performed by Tsuyoshi at 2001 Pop Jam SP

Credit to sieepy123 for the YouTube video:

7. My Sweet Darling
Original Artiste: 矢井田瞳 (Yaida Hitomi)
Performed by 矢井田瞳 and Tsuyoshi in in 060423 - Domoto Brothers #245

Credit to clare007 for the YouTube video:

8. Namae mo naki shi (名もなき詩)
Original Artiste: Mr Children
Performed by Tsuyoshi at 02/11/17 - Domoto Brothers #078

Credit to min984 for the YouTube video:

9. Kokode kisu shite (ここでキスして)
Original Artiste: 椎名林檎
Performed by Tsuyoshi at 05/07/03 - Domoto Brothers #208

Credit to aomimidori for the YouTube video:

10. Kimi to nara (君となら)
Original Artiste: TUBE
Performed by Tsuyoshi in 1996 Doya

Credit to anthea623 for the YouTube video:

11. 【es】 〜Theme of es〜
Original Artiste: Mr Children
Performed by Tsuyoshi in Love Love Aishiteru

I believe this should be Tsuyoshi's first solo sing & play guitar performance.

Credit to min984 for the YouTube video:

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