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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tsuyoshi's Shindoi 090107 - 5 Persons Sing Karaoke (5手でカラオケ)

This episode, Tsuyoshi and his 4 other guests are supposed to hit 420 points at karaoke in order to win. Tsuyoshi is sooooo kawaii in this episode. You must not miss this.

1) You will see our Tsuyo eating away non-stop as the guests are singing (lol)

2) You will hear Tsuyo with his beautiful voice singing "I love you"

3) You will be spell-bound by his kawaii smiles throughout the show

4) You will be totally won over by his shy laughter when a female guest said his mouth is very kawaii when singing "oooo". Hahahahahahaha!

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