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Saturday, July 17, 2010

[2010.03.09] Endless Shock 2010 ML: Koichi is amazing!

Even though the quality of the MLs may be a bit blur, but even then, Koichi is so amazing and so カツコイ (cool)!  Everytime I watch Endless Shock, I find myself falling once again in love with him.  I remember the first time I saw Koichi, it was on a Taiwanese entertainment news variety show, and they showed Koichi in the Romeo blue costume, as well as scenes of him flying through the sky.  The first thought that came into my mind was that he really looked like a very beautiful fairy prince!  Beautiful and yet so manly!  At 31 years old, he is still beautiful and more man!  Koichi, ganbatte!



Flying 1 (red cloth) and Drums

Flying 2 (ladders)

Flying 3 (umbrella) and 夜の海 (yoru no umi)


Why Don't You Dance With Me?

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