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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Endless Shock 10th Anniversary and 100 Shows! 2nd Leg Begins!


The 2nd leg of Koichi's 10th Anniversary 100 Shows Endless Shock begins on 4 July 2010, and the last show will be on 31 July 2010.  Heard fans saying there were changes to the Endless Shock official website and went in to see, but Koichi's photo still the same; only change is the background......

Anyway, this time round, the 2nd male lead has been changed from Yara to Hiroki Uchi.  I know there has been some negative feedback amongst fans.  But whatever it may be, the decision is made and he is in.  So hopefully, this new actor will be able to perform well and add a new element to the performance.  Again, I pray that Koichi will have a good performance and not suffer any injuries.

My friend will be flying off to Tokyo this week and she will be trying to get ticket to watch Endless Shock! envious!  Well, never mind, I am reserving my Japan trip for KK concert end of this year (they better come out with their K Album and K concert!).  I have asked my friend to help me get Koichi's Endless Shock photo book - Document 2010.02.14 - 3.30.  Yippee!!!

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