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Monday, August 24, 2009

Domoto Brothers #399: 3rd Live Performance

Credit to whmekumi for the Tudou video:

Song List:

0. Domoto's Theme 2000 (by KinKi Kids)
1. Anniversary (by KinKi Kids)
2. Winding Road
3. Sakura (Tsuyoshi playing piano)
4. Shirushi (by Tsuyoshi)
5. Miso Soup
6. 天才ドロンボー
7. + Million but - Love (by Koichi)
8. High Pressure
9. Marionette
10. Kimi to tameni dekiru koto (by Gackt)
11. Sweat & Tears (by The Alfee)
12. Doka doka urusai R&R band
13. Ai no katamari (by KinKi Kids) (No. 1 - 2509 votes)
14. The Night Before Your Birthday (by KinKi Kids & Tomoe) (Tsuyoshi is on the drums!) (No. 2 - 2032 votes)
15. Zenbu dakishimete (by KinKi Kids)

Encore: Garasu No Shonen (By KinKi Kids)

13. Ai no katamari (No. 1 - 2509 votes)
Credit to 24satoko51 for the YouTube video:

14. The Night Before Your Birthday (No. 2 - 2032 votes)
Credit to sean7030jp for the YouTube video:

4. Shirushi (by Tsuyoshi)
Credit to 24satoko51 for the YouTube video:

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