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Created on 21 Sept 2008.

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

[090731] Music Station: Koichi's New Song "Ayakashi" is No. 1

09.07.24 Music Station
- Preview of Next Show - Koichi (click to see YouTube video)

09.07.31 Music Station - Ayakashi - Talk + Live

Oh my god! Koichi is soooo sexy in this live performance on Music Station! You must watch it! (I'm swooning......)

Credit to cl0udstruck for the YouTube video:

This video has the talk session.
Credit to jecoutdown for the YouTube video:

Mini Station
The guest stars were walking into the studio about 2-3 minutes before the show starts and Shingo was there to "disturb" the guest stars. Koichi looked surprised but happy to see him.

This is the part where Shingo introduced themselves as the KinKi Kids! Look at how kawaii Koichi is smiling and look look!...his infamous laugh until his back is bent backwards pose!


When Ayakashi was introduced as the No.1 song, look at Koichi's surprised look in the top right hand small window. And then he started smiling shyly as he looked down. Kochan is still the same after so many years! :)

Koichi looks so good when he appears to be deep in thoughts. I am very intrigued by his red bead necklace. It looks similar to the one he is wearing in TV Guide and another KK fan commented how similar his look in there was to Tsuyoshi's. I have to say his red bead necklace really looks similar to the black bead necklace that Tsuyoshi always wears recently.

I've added a screen cap from a recent DB episode which shows the black bead necklace Tsuyoshi is wearing. It's not the same but the "feel" is similar.

Did you notice his top has silver chains falling down from his collar?! It swings with his body movement. Real cool! Oh, the girl besides him apparently was the lead actress for one of his Shock musical.

Live Performance

Notice the use of the colours of purple, red and blue again in the Music Station stage setup? Is it my imagination or somehow there seems to be more blue this time than in the PV?? (wink wink!)

Love this dance move where they point their finger and then drop it down.

(swooning away......)

This dance move is real cool! Reminds me of Tsuyoshi's Unchanged in Phi Con but the effect here is very different.

And we come to the ending pose! Koichi is so かっこいい ね!

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