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Created on 21 Sept 2008.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

[091026] Hey! Hey! Hey!: KinKi Kids and their 29th Single "Swan Song"

KinKi Kids appeared on Hey! Hey! Hey! together with the comedian duo Fujiwara. I know a numerous fans have already mentioned this on their blogs but I have to say that I did notice the same thing myself before I read the fans' blogs! Heeheehee! Pink pink love love!

Scene 1: One of the guys from Fujiwara said that when they went on Tsuyoshi's show Shoujiki Shindoi, he asked Tsuyoshi for his handphone number as he would like to become good friends with Tsuyoshi and he got it. Well, Koichi's face did not look too great to me.

Scene 2: After the other guy from Fujiwara got Koichi to perform a baka dance rendition of Garasu no shonen, that guy hugged Koichi very tightly and you should see Koichi's contorted face as he tried to push himself as far away as possible.

Contra this with Koichi's reaction to Tsuyoshi's 5 kisses at Phi Con. Well, you get my picture. And guess what is Koichi's aikata's expression? Tsuyoshi was smiling but it's not those hahaha, so funny laugh type of smile. I don't know how to describe it but wouldn't you think that 2 guy friends, no matter how close, will just laugh out loud at the pathetic plight of the other person who is in Koichi's position? But Tsuyoshi's reaction is not like that and that in itself is catalyst for us KKL fans to go PINK PINK !

Anyway, don't you think Tsuyoshi looks super kawaii during that "mysterious" smile scene?!

And don't miss the baka dance performance as Koichi is superbly hilarious in it! It is indeed very rare to see Koichi being asked to clown around on variety shows nowadays!

Koichi's "Joyful" Face

Koichi's "Sad" Face

Koichi's "Sexy" Rub Your Own Buttock Pose! Hahaha!

And check out the cover of their 1st single Garasu no shonen where Tsuyoshi's face is replaced by that Fujiwara guy who dared to "molest" our prince! I can't help but burst out laughing whenever I see this "mutated" cover.

And here's a kawaii picture of a "sulking" Koichi, and though we see only a little bit of Tsuyoshi's face, but I think we can see Tsuyoshi's "resigned" expression. Fufufu!

Nothing beats watching animation, so here is Koichi's baka dance performance in all its motion glory!

Credit to kzyxoo for the YouTube video:

Song Performance
Credit to fu35j4520 for the YouTube video:

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Anonymous said...

i also realize how wierd tsuyo's smile...this is the 1st time i saw that kind of smile from him..for me its look like he try to hide his jealousness