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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tsuyoshi is singing the theme song 「昴-すばる-」for TBS special!!!

TBS will be broadcasting on 3 Nov 2009 a special feature called 『JNN50周年記念 歴史大河スペクタクル唐招提寺1200年の謎~天平を駆けぬけた男と女たち』(I think the translation is『JNN 50th Anniversary In Memory of the Spectacular Historical Saga of Toshadai Temple's 1200-year Mystery - Men & Women of Tempyou era who [raced?]』......well, I might be wrong).

Tsuyoshi will be singing the theme song 「昴-すばる-」(Subaru, which means the Pleiades constellation), the famous song of 谷村新司 (Shinji Tanimura) . The moment I heard Tsuyoshi sang the song, I went "Ah!!! I know this tune!!!" I understand that this Japanese song has actually been re-enacted by a few Chinese and Cantonese singers! Anyway, I know this tune well because it's one of my parents' fave Chinese oldies!

Credit to
opus410 for the YouTube video:

Here is the YouTube link for the commercial for the SP where Tsuyoshi's singing would be clearer:

1 comment:

ryo said...

Thanks for the clips. I hope we can listen to the whole song.

I'm a bit worried because the song and the original singer was so famous.. though I know that everyone has their own style/way of singing.