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Friday, October 23, 2009

KinKi Kids' 29th Single "スワンソング" (Swan Song): PV is out!!!

The PV for Swan Song is finally shown! Well, Koichi looks really gorgeous, he does justice to his prince image - Prince Koichi!!! Fufufu! At first, I thought that this PV falls into one of those JE's so-so blah-blah PV, and I was trying to console myself that at least we got both of them appearing throughout in this PV and not just swans flying around only (though I wouldn't put it past JE to do that to us......).

But I've changed my mind since I've gained "profound" insights into the definition of long-distance relationship from this PV! Plus this PV is filmed in a church and with feathers floating around them! Do I hear wedding bells? Hahahahaha! Let's watch the PV first and I will share more with you on my "profound" insights! Fufufu!

Credit to lovefun9 for the YouTube video:

Now, we all know the song lyrics is about 2 lovers have to separate and their sorrow that the long-distance would mean the end of their relationship. Well, let's see what is KK's definition of "long" distance relationship: -

1. KK: Why oh why are we on opposite sides of the aisle?

2. Koichi: Hmm...isn't my pose cool? Tsuyo's not looking at me...

3. Tsuyo: Kochan's looking away from me......

4. Koichi: Tsuyo, I'm here on your left......

5. Tsuyo: Director, may we sit side by side......

Kochan: That's it! I'm going on hunger strike if they won't let me sit with Tsuyo!

For indeed, even being a step apart can seem such a long distance to a pair of lovebirds! So what is an acceptable distance between two lovebirds? The answer is loud and clear from the picture below! Fufufu!

And finally, I leave you with this beautiful picture of Koichi and Tsuyoshi in a chapel with feathers floating around them. Ahhhh......this is romance!!!

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