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Created on 21 Sept 2008.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tayori ni shitemasen - Now in KinKi you concert 2008 and then in 1993

KinKi Kids proved themselves to be still very good dancers, by re-performing at 2008 KinKi you concert their very first "own" KinKi Kids' song - Tayori ni shitemasen, including the very energetic dance routine.

Everybody knows that Koichi is a very good dancer, and I fully agree with that. However, I once saw a backstage video clip of KinKi Kids when they were juniors and they were asked by SMAP to show the dance moves for Tayori ni shitemasen. I recall thinking then that Tsuyoshi was surprisingly actually dancing better and more in time than Koichi. So why is Koichi now perceived to be the better dancer? I guess it's probably that Tsuyoshi is just not that interested in dancing whilst Koichi really put in a lot of hard work to perfect his dance moves. I've read from other fans' blogs that Koichi used to spend a lot of time on his own practising his dancing when he was a junior. Anyway, I must say Tsuyoshi's dance moves in the 2008 KinKi you concert for Tayori ni shitemasen are really good, and as for Koichi, he's in a league of his own with his "baka" dance version! :P

[KinKi YOU DVD] Hiroshima Green Arena 2008.10.22
Credit to ne2713 for the YouTube video:

KinKi Kids's 1993 Performance of Tayori ni Shitemasen
Credit to nice0silvia for the YouTube video:

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