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Monday, March 23, 2009

Domoto Brothers #380 (090322) with Becky: I have 2 copies of "Get the KinKi!"!!!

Oh my gosh! I didn't know that Becky is such a senior fan of KinKi Kids! She became their fan even before their debut in 1997! She actually attended their very first concert - 31 Dec 1994 Budokan Tokyo concert!!! Tom-san and Takami-san were both surprised to hear Becky say that the KinKi Kids had a concert even before their debut. Becky said that she made countless calls to try and get a ticket, and she finally managed to get one but it was the second last row from the back. She sang out a bit of the first song performed by the KinKi Kids - Tayori ni shitemasen (you can click here to see their recent performance of this song at the KinKi you concert). She said that at the time before the KinKi Kids' debut, they had not released any CD and she would listen to their radio show and write down the song lyrics.
(You can go to D2 blog for more information on the concert. You can even download the concert!!!)

During Q&A, I think she was asked what sort of collection does she have that others would desire. She says she has a great collection of KinKi Kids stuff - KinKi Kids' first photo book, a mug with their photo on it, stickers with KinKi Kids' photos on them, etc.

(Koichi looks so kawaii when he laughed upon hearing her collection)

I'll show you all the mug first. Look at both the KinKi Kids' expressions!!! Fufufu!

Now we come to the exciting part - KinKi Kids' first photo book!

Koichi OS: Is it "Get the KinKi"!?
Becky OS: I even have 2 copies! 1 for keepsake and 1 for viewing!!
(Sob sob! I don't even have 1 copy! I would so luv to get my hands on a copy!)

OMG! They used to have to bare so much when they were juniors......I have to say it seems near indecent......their swimming briefs seem

Tsuyoshi was just quietly laughing away in a shy manner whilst Koichi clowned around poking fun at his own pose. Koichi then pointed at Tsuyoshi's photo (seems to be pointing at Tsuyoshi's private part......Orz) and said something which I can't catch and everybody laughed. Hmm.....I'm sure he's poking fun at Tsuyoshi. Well, you'd better watch out, Koichi! Cuz I'm sure Tsuyoshi will get back at you! Heh heh heh!

And true enough, Tsuyoshi later pointed to a photo of Koichi and said that Koichi looks like he's making the "heh" sound used by the recently very popular comic duo - Odori.

And guess what?! The lucky gal gets her photo book autographed by the KinKi Kids!

Another interesting snippet revealed during the Q&A time:
The Voice: What secret are you hiding from the people around you?
Becky: I am a fan of Koichi-san.
(And look at how gleeful Koichi was upon hearing that! Oh well, considering how often his wifey keeps saying he's an ojisan, we'll let him enjoy this rare sweet moment. Fufufu!)

Credit to nuuuundomoto for the YouTube videos:

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