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Friday, March 13, 2009

Koichi's Endless Shock Breaks Record for Most Number of Solo Musicial Shows in Imperial Theatre!

Congratulations to Koichi!

The Endless Shock evening performance on 12 March 2009 is the 626th show for Koichi. This means that Koichi has broken the existing record of 625 shows for the most number of solo musical shows performed in Imperial Theatre. The original record was held by 森繁久弥 for his show 「屋根の上のヴァイオリン弾き」and it took about 20 years (1967-1986) to set that record. It's amazing that Koichi took only about 8 years 5 months to break the record!

I'm not too sure whether we should praise Koichi or take him aside and lecture him on the consequences of not taking good care of his health when young......

I believe Koichi also holds the record for being the youngest leading actor to perform in Imperial Theatre when he was only about 21 years old, as well as the record for being the youngest stage director for a musical [I'm not sure whether it is for a musical performed in Imperial Theatre or in Japan?].

Morning TV news on 13 March 2009: Interview of Koichi

Credit to nikiguriz for the YouTube video:

At the beginning, Koichi was as usual quite serious in answering the questions regarding Endless Shock and talked about the congratulations he had received from senpais, etc.

The above was Koichi's last expression before the question was asked about Tsuyoshi. Hold this in your mind and check out the next picture when he hears Tsuyoshi's name.

The moment the reporters mentioned Tsuyoshi's name, VIOLA! His whole facial expression and demeanor changes so dramatically! If you don't believe me, read on and watch the video for yourself! Fufufu!

Reporter: Did you receive any message from Tsuyoshi?
Koichi: ("melting snow" smile appeared) Recently, we have totally not even met each other.

Koichi was laughing and the reporters also started laughing away! The Jap reporters all must be secret members of KKL club! Kekekeke!

Reporter: What about mail?
Koichi: Totally none at all!

Koichi carried on laughing but quickly dipped his head down at one point. Hmm...I seem to recall reading somewhere that avoiding eye contact is one of the common body language when one is lying? (raising my eyebrows up and down) Fufufu!

The video ended at this point but I read on another blog that Koichi actually jokingly asked the reporters to tell him what Tsuyoshi has been doing recently! Somehow, I think this line of questioning has become a game between KK and the reporters during their solos.

And Koichi, you can't blame us fans for having KKL thoughts since your behaviour (especially your "melting snow" smile meant for one specific person) is high up there as one of the top culprits!

KKL ADD-ON: You must check out Fluffy's blog on this news clip! Click here. I absolutely love her superb analysis! Fufufuf!

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