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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Music Station 090327: Tsuyoshi 剛紫 - Sora~utsukushii ware no sora 空~美しい我の空

This is the first time Tsuyoshi is performing on TV his new single - Sora~utsukushii ware no sora (空~美しい我の空) under his new artiste name 剛紫 (also pronounced as Tsuyo-shi).

Credit to neerhtac for the YouTube video:

The female host introduced that this is the first TV performance of Tsuyoshi's new single - Sora~utsukushii ware no sora (空~美しい我の空) which is to be released on his birthday on 10 April 2009. Tamori asked Tsuyoshi how old he was and Tsuyoshi replied he was going 30 to Tamori's surprise. Tsuyoshi explains that precisely because he's going 30, he felt that instead of constantly changing himself, he would rather return to his original self. The photos of the Nara sky projected onstage and the antlers microphone stand were all his works. He wanted to sing this song under the skies of Nara, and to dedicate this song to his 60 odd year old mother and all those who are similar in age to his mother, as well as the elderly senpais who have been providing him guidance along the way.

Omg! His eyes are so big and kawaii! Once again, I have to say that he really does not look like he's going 30!

Performance of Sora~utsukushii ware no sora (空~美しい我の空)

Tsuyoshi really looks very sexy when he lifts his head upwards, looks to the side, pouts his lips, hugs his arms......

These final scenes are the killers!!! How can someone look so kawaii and sexy at the same time?

I read on another fan's blog that the earpiece Tsuyoshi was wearing has a picture of the musical instrument called "pipa" (in chinese) which is being used together with the deer in his new bigaku website. See pic below.

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