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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tsuyoshi to Atama no Naka (Inside of His Head) is No. 2 on Oricon Chart!!!

Congratulations to Tsuyoshi! His photo book "Tsuyoshi to Atama no Naka" (Inside of His Head) is No. 2 on Oricon weekly charts for books, with 42,162 books sold in the first week! Amazing!

I have received my copy last week and there are many gorgeous photos of Tsuyoshi inside! It contains photos of Tsuyoshi from Mar 2005 to Dec 2008 for Fine Boys, as well as special photo shoots in Paris and Nara (timing should be the same as when he did his Nara DVD shoot).

When I saw the word "limited" on the online site, that was enough to entice me to place my preorder way in early Jan! It costs me about S$50 (US$35) but the shipping charges account for half of it Orz! But still, it is worth it!!! You will definitely regret it later when you can no longer get a copy of it. It's supposed to be a photographic history of Tsuyoshi's late 20s. Tsuyoshi sure knows how to make his fans part with their monies......

This is the cover of the book.

Tsuyoshi OS: (big eyes going kira kira (sparkling)) Please bring me home, okie?!
Me OS: (with the sound of 'kawaii kawaii' going on inside my head) Sure, whatever you say!
Tsyoshi OS: Yeah! You better act fast though. You can buy me at YesAsia! I'm already sold out at CDJapan!

Tsuyoshi OS: (looking pensive) You're sure it's safe to stand here?
Me OS: (patting him on his head) Sure! Don't worry, the traffic will stop for you.
Tsuyoshi OS: ......

Tsuyoshi OS: Is this a church?
Me OS: Yes. It's called Notre Dame.
Tsuyoshi OS: Can people get married here?
Me OS: (abated breath) Yes!
Tsyoshi OS: (looking far away deep in thoughts) ......
Me OS: (in a very serious tone and with a 90 degree bow) Please remember to invite me to the KinKi Kids' wedding ceremony!
Tsuyoshi OS: Huh?!?!

Sankaku OS: (tears overflowng from his triangular eyes) I want to go home.....
Me OS: (puzzled look) Why?

Sankaku OS: You are asking me why? Can't you see what Tsuyoshi is doing to me?

Me OS: He's only helping you to take a photo with your ancestor. You should thank him for bringing you all the way to your ancestral home - Paris.

Sankaku OS: (inside his head (or pyramid?!)) I want Kenshiro! (sob sob) He will understand. He always complains to me that DK-san often makes him do backflips......

(Back in Japan in the home of DK-san, Kenshiro suddenly felt a cold air current pass through him)
Kenshiro OS: (inside his head) Tsuyo-papa, please come and fetch me home soon! Woof woof!)

To see the rest of the photos, you can go to the blog of since1997★.

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