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Created on 21 Sept 2008.

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

[ML] 090101 KinKi you Concert: Maketara Akan & Konomama Te O Tsunaide

More ML videos of 090101 KinKi you Concert! YEAH!!!

Credit to Nikiguriz for the YouTube video.

Maketara Akan まけたら あかん (To Lose, Useless)

When singing Maketara Akan, KinKi Kids and 2 of the MA were dancing to the song. Looking at the 2 of them dancing, you wouldn't think that Koichi and Tsuyoshi were dancing the same steps...... Koichi was dancing so vigorously with exaggerated dance steps whilst Tsuyoshi was...well...erhem....just doing the bare minimum to complete the dance steps?! These two! LOL!

In fact, Koichi danced so vigorously until he had to bend down to catch his breath! Of course, we all know he's just clowning away. If he can do Endless Shock, this is nothing to him.

And Tsuyoshi saved the best for the last. He ended the dance with a triple spin! Wow! You can hear the fans scream! I can imagine that must be tough to perform. Below is Tsuyoshi in the midst of his triple spin.

And both KK ended the dance with a serenade pose to each other! すごい(sugoi)!

Konomama Te O Tsunaide このまま手おつないで (Continue holding our hands tight)

The ML was all on Tsuyoshi during this song performance. KK fans will all know Tsuyoshi has a fear of heights. Tsuyoshi was on a elevated sliding platform and with one hand holding the mic as he sang, his other hand would be holding on to the pole in the middle of the platform for his dear life.

However, he would often lean his back against the pole, so that he can release his hand to wave at the fans and he even did one flying kiss! You know he is afraid; you can see from the video how he clings to the pole. I really love Tsuyoshi for his courage and his love for his fans.

As I look at the photo below of Tsuyoshi against the backdrop of the fans, I am suddenly so touched. Somehow, I know that Koichi and Tsuyoshi often push themselves too hard to make the fans happy. To all the KK fans out there, please continue to carry on loving the KinKi Kids. KinKi Kidsにつずけて愛してください!

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