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Created on 21 Sept 2008.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

綴る Tsuzuru: Song No. 8 in Tsuyoshi's Album 美 我 空 - ビ ガ ク ~ my beautiful sky

Click here to see album details and for mp3 download.

Credit to 瓶子 for the Japanese lyrics below but I have amended them slightly based on my own listening of the song.

In doing the English translations, I referred to the chinese translations in the blogs of 瓶子and 白羽*白雨. However, my understanding isn't always the same as theirs. I just want to make it clear that my Japanese is lousy and any mistake in the Japanese lyrics, the English translations and the romaji is due solely to my own fault.

Some fans have commented that this song Tsuzuru, especially the opening, sounds like the impromptu "love" song that Tsuyoshi composed for Koichi during the KinKi you concert. I can hear a slight similarity but I can't really say for sure that this song is based on that impromptu "love" song. Anyway, you can listen to the KinKi you concert's impromptu "love" song at imeem and judge for yourself.

Love Song for Koichi (KinKi you Concert) - By Domoto Tsuyoshi
Don't miss the very funny ending "I am always beside you...Ha ha ha!"

Credit to tsuyoshi0410902 for the YouTube audio video of 綴る Tsuzuru:

綴る (Tsu-zu ru)
Song Name: To Compose

Music and Lyrics By: 剛紫 (Tsuyoshi)

夜空へ飛ばした 無上をメロディー
yozora ye tobashita mujyo wo merodi-
tsutaeru ataete iku koto ga ai
majime ni ikite itai no ni
tada soredake da yotte
daremo ga kitto yume wo miteru

Flying towards the night sky, the best melody
bequeathing a gift of love
I want to live honestly
That's simply all I want
Someone surely also has this dream

素手がつまんだ 愛しいメロディー
sude ga tsumanda itoshii merodi-
heya akari wa itsumo yori kage wo utsu
tonari de nete iru kimi no
頬を撫でたら の惚けてキスした君がいい
hoho wo nadetara no bokete kisushita kimi ga ii

With my bare hands, I hold on to my beloved melody
The lights in the room casting a darker shadow than usual
Caressing your cheek as you lie asleep next to me
Playing the fool as you kissed me just now
I'm glad it's you

始まってく この愛が僕らに
hajimatteku kono ai ga kokura ni
愛を教えるかなど 知れないけど
ai wo oshieru no ka nado shirenai kedo
Love Song 綴るよ 綴るよ
Love Song tsuzuru yo tsuzuru yo
時代にへと Love Song 綴るよ
jidai ni eto Love Song tsuzuru yo

This love of ours that has begun
Though we do not know whether it can teach us what love is
Let's compose a Love Song, let's compose
Let's compose a Love Song for these times

愛おしい家族や 掛け替えない
itooshi kazoku ya kakekaenai
いま oh この胸で抱いて生きてるから
ima oh kono mune de daite ikiteru kara
悪にもなれるよ なれるけど
aku nimo nareru yo nareru kedo
何度も刻んだ 今日は素晴らしい
nandomo kizanda kyo wa subarashi

My precious family, it is irreplaceable
Now ~oh~ in order to hold them in my embrace
Even if I have to become evil, I will become so
Many times over I have engraved in my heart:
oday is a wonderful day

互いの歌 綺麗ね
tagai no uta kirei ne
二人の歌 愛して 
futari no uta aishite
おやすみ おやすみ
oyasumi oyasumi

Our mutual song, it is beautiful
The song that belongs to the two of us, I am loving it
Good night, Good night

いつもなら 君も止めない公園
itsumo nara kimi mo tomeinai koen
カンコウを日が暮れた その苦味が
kankou wo hi ga kureta sono nigami ga
kata ni se wo outta iu hito
夜景に馴染むから 立ち寄り涙に沈めた
yakei ni najimu kara tachiyori namida ni shizumeita

The park that you usually do not take note of
As darkness descends upon a habitual day
The bitter taste of it
Looking out at the familiar night scene

of people with shoulders weighted down by their burdens

I am suddenly submerged by tears that dropped by

目の前に 広がった 愛しいさが
mei no maeni hirogatta itoshi saga
消えてしまわないように 話をしよう
kiete shimawanai youni hanashi wo shiyou
手を繋いでるよ 繋いでるよ
te wo tsunaideruyo tsunaideruyo
君のハート 外読みたいから
kimi no haato soto yomitai kara

In order that your all-encompassing lovely nature
would not disappear from before my eyes, I want to tell you
I am holding tightly to your hand, holding tightly to your hand
Because I want to be able to read your heart

愛していいよ でも愛せない愛もあ
aishite iiyo demo aisenai ai mo ah
何かが途切れないように 話をしよう
nani ka ga togirenai youni hanashi wo shiyou
ちゃんと見つめるよ 見つめてるよ
chyanto mitsumeruyo mitsumeteruyo
明日より 僕を信じればいい
ashita yori boku wo shinjireba ii

Loving is great, but there exists also love which cannot be
In order for our love not to be disrupted, I want to tell you
My gaze is fully on you, gazing at you
From tomorrow, have faith in me

互いの歌 綺麗ね
tagai no uta kirei ne
二人の歌 愛し 
futari no uta aishita
今すぐ 会いたい
ima sugu aitai

Our mutual song, it is beautiful
The song that belongs to the two of us, I have fallen in love with it
I want to see you, right now

The rest is strictly KKL analysis and you should not read on if you are not a KKL fan.

This is an absolutely beautiful song. And it's so....Tsuyoshi, if you know what I mean. And somehow, I feel that Tsuyoshi is writing this love song to Koichi. Why do I say so?

Well, maybe some people can write lyrics based purely on imagination but I would think that there must be some real-life experience to rely upon in order to be able to write lyrics that pull at people's heart-strings. The lyrics in this song, they seem like genuine thoughts and feelings of Tsuyoshi. If this hypothesis is true, then Tsuyoshi must be in love with someone right now.

And looking at his description of his loved one, don't you think it sounds like Koichi? Someone who does not take note of the nearby park, someone who plays the fool while kissing, someone who can compose a love song together with Tsuyoshi, someone who has an all-encompassing lovely nature, someone who does not truly have faith in love.

Of course, I know fully well that that that someone in Tsuyoshi's life could be another woman. Well, no harm in indulging in some KKL day-dreaming, right? Anyway, I have been psychoing myself for a while so that when the ending is such that Tsuyoshi and Koichi each find their own
separate happiness with other people, I would still continue to have faith in love.

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