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Created on 21 Sept 2008.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Koichi Domoto's New Single 『妖 ~あやかし~』 Ayakashi : PV is out!!!

Well, the suspense is finally over as to what is the music style and image Koichi will use for Ayakashi. True enough, when the song is interlayed with Koichi's visual performance, the overall effect is quite good! Whilst both KinKi Kids are good musicians and performers, Koichi is indeed more the stage performer whilst Tsuyoshi is more the musician. Here's some cool screen caps from the PV. I like the dance moves and the scenes where the women "go through" Koichi.

My KKF friend (whose liking is swayed more towards Koichi :P) was disappointed when she heard Ayakashi, as she felt that there was no breakthrough in his music, and it doesn't help that the lyrics of Ayakashi are again written by the same lyricist he used for his previous album, Mirror. Well, as for me, I just can't stand the broken English in the lyrics. And I wish the hand in the PV that was caressing Koichi's chest belongs to a certain someone (those who know will know what I mean! Wink!). Hahahahaha!

Anyway, for those KK fans like me who are feeling very deprived of KinKi Kids (since the 2 have been at their solo performances since end of KinKi you concert...that's nearly 7 months already...Orz), here's a bit of interesting observation from the PV.

Notice the colours of the center pillar in the PV?! Yup, it's red and blue! And all KKF must know red and blue represents who, right?!

And notice the colour of the lighted panes in the backdrop? Yup, it's purple! And all KKF must know what is Tsuyoshi's fave colour, right?! And all whoever has studied some science in school will know what is the colour you get when you combine red and blue, right?! Fufufufu!

Oooh, I must say I like the phoenix (at least I think it looks like one) at the back of his jacket. Very eye-catching!

Ayakashi ~short ver~

Credit to deekochannel for the YouTube video:

This version has the hand caressing Koichi's chest.
Credit to overhigh101 for the YouTube video:

Ayakashi CM
Credit to overhigh101 for the YouTube video:


rhapsodies said...

Heys XD I'm a KKL fan too XD! Great screencaps ! However -__-'' the hand was the reason which causes me to be making noise in front of the screen
Somehow I wish to slap the hand away(because of jealousy XDD)!!*unless that hand belongs to Tsuyo XD*(goes jumping around~)
^_^ btw,I love your blog!It's so detailed!(sorry for my broken language...)

Chrissy said...

Hi rhapsodies! Thanks for liking my blog. Really glad to share with KK fans. Just that I don't have the time to update much.