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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

[091206] J Album Secret Live Event: J for "Junction"!!!

KinKi Kids held their secret live event for J Album in a tunnel 37 metres below ground on 6 Dec!  This tunnel is still under construction and is known as Route 246.  KinKi Kids had their stage built at the junction connecting the Metropolitan Expressway Central Circular Line and Shibuya Line.  I think this junction is known as the Junction Bridge or JCT Bridge.  So, J is for "Junction" this round!  Apparently, JE staff has been negotiating since Oct with the relevant authorities to allow them to stage the live event in the tunnel!  Well, credit to them this time for thinking of such a novel venue and newsworthy promotion event.

So that's the answer to the mysterious request for fans to wear sneakers and why only 246 lucky fans were balloted for the event.  Buses were used to ferry the fans to the venue and the fans also didn't know where they were being taken!  Masks were given to the fans as the place was still quite dusty since construction will only be completed around next March.

Credit to kinkikidsdaisuki for the YouTube video:

Credit to wideshows for the YouTube video:

Credit to wideshows for the YouTube video:

Credit to littlemo5124 for the YouTube video:

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