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Created on 21 Sept 2008.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

[20020303 & 10] Japan Walker: KinKi Kids' 10th Anniversary Onsen Trip

I'm sure nearly all KK fans would know about KinKi Kids' surprise onsen trip in 2002 to commemorate their 10th anniversary!  This was broadcasted on Koichi's variety show, Japan Walker, over 2 episodes.

Throughout the show, it was mentioned that Tsuyoshi had something to say to Koichi, but right up to the end of the show, he never said it.  In fact, many fans felt that Koichi was very tensed  up during this filming as he might have been afraid that what Tsuyoshi wanted to say was that he wanted to disband KinKi Kids.  At that time, there was apparently a huge furore in Japan over whether KinKi Kids should or should not disband.  Up to now, I still cannot understand how fans can actually just like one but not the other.  I love both of them and I love their solo too, but just like what they say, KinKi Kids is home to them.  How can fans desire the destruction of their home?!?!   By the very fact that KinKi Kids are still together for 7-8 years since then, we know that they themselves will not let go.  In fact, Tsuyoshi has recently stated in a magazine interview for Nov this year that "光一が「解散したい」て言わない限り 僕は解散しないです。" (Unless Koichi says "I wish to disband", otherwise I will not disband.)

Anyway, I've digressed......

What exactly did Tsuyoshi want to say to Koichi during that onsen trip?  We know that Tsuyoshi actually drew a picture and wrote out what he wanted to say to Koichi, but most of the video clips available now do not have that picture.  I was lucky enough to download a video clip that had that picture and have taken a screen cap to post it here to share with those who have never seen it.

A rough translation of Tsuyoshi's words would be:
"When I see Koichi's face, I am unable to say it directly to him...Thank you. - Tsuyoshi"

At the end of their onsen trip, when they were eating grilled seafood in the seaside onsen, Tsuyoshi initiated a handshake pattern with Koichi.  I recall reading on another KK fan's blog that it was the same pattern as that done by Koichi in the drama "Homeless Child 2".  I managed to find the handshake pattern in that drama:

1st pattern:  Koichi clasps the hand of the girl like a handshake and says:  
I will protect you

2nd pattern:  Their hands then reclasp together like in a fist pattern and the girl says:  
I will protect you

3rd pattern:  Their thumbs meet together and both say:  
We will be together till death

When I looked at Tsuyoshi's handshake pattern with Koichi, the first 2 patterns are indeed the same - "I will protect you" but the last pattern is different.  I guess only the 2 of them will ever know what the last pattern means.


ryo said...

I've never seen the picture before~
Thanks for share, Chrissy~! :)

I have nothing to say about the shake..
I'd like to see the show again xD

syaz0805 said...

i watched it but with my really bad japanese i cant understand well what tsuyo want to say to koichi.. thank u very much.... i really cant understand to those who really want they break up... like u said kinki kids is a home for them...they look very comfortable beside each other...