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Created on 21 Sept 2008.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

J Album CM (15s) Ver 4: OMG! J is for "Jail"? Kinky KinKi Kids!!!

(J ni tsunagareta boku tachi no sakebi)
 J is fastened with our outcry

I love the director of this series of CMs for J Album!  He must be a KK BL fan!  Hahahahaha!  Anyone care for J for "Jail"?  Well, I don't think either KK themselves or KKL fans will complain if they are jailed to each other!  This is the ultimate classic image to treasure!  When will we KKL fans have a chance to see such image which should rightfully only be found in their own private bedroom video?!  Lalalalala ~ ~ ~

Version 4 

Credit to littlemo5124 for the YouTube video:

English Translation:
(Credit to 51XmomoX24 for the Chinese translation)
[Words in square brackets means I'm not sure whether I caught the Japanese words correctly]
Tsuyoshi:  [Ii shigi gari desu.] Jet-tai deki (Good outcome. Absolutely can!)
Koichi:  Tai-ho[s jya so] (Capture you.  Last part is I think an ending sound but not sure what it is supposed to mean...)
Narrator:  (slight embarrased cough?)

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