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Created on 21 Sept 2008.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

KinKi Kids' Fanclub video! Baka Koichi.......

Credit to since1997 for the video:

KinKi Kids' fanclub video this time round seems to strike a sense of deja vu with last year's fanclub video.  Koichi is again the baka comic role whilst Tsuyoshi is the bored straight man role.  I have to say Koichi is real cute in this video, like a little kitty full of curiousity and energy.  Fufufufu!  I think Tsuyoshi probably was having a hard time trying to keep a straight face!

At the start, Koichi was doing all the talking whilst Tsuyoshi was nearly expressionless.  When it's Tsuyoshi's turn to talk, something above Koichi seemed to have caught his attention and he kept looking up.

The very next moment, Koichi suddenly leaped into the air!

And grabbed down the mic!  Other than this side glance, Tsuyoshi never gave him any reaction!  Hahahahaha!

Well, did Koichi give up?  No way!  Our prince is not one that gives up so easily, especially if he is trying to get the attention of his princess!  He adds on more baka power!!!  Lalalalala ~ ~ ~

Obviously, our princess today is in no mood to entertain the baka prince.  But our baka prince has been well-trained...oops...should be well acclimatised to our princess' temperamental...oops...should be sensitive nature, and was able to amuse himself with his new toy...oops...I mean the mic.
(I swear I do love the 2 of them!)

Our princess deigns to give the prince's new toy a look but obviously, a mic is a mic is a mic.......

The prince finally "releases" the mic......

And our princess ends off with the very same "trick" done in last year's fanclub video, by echoing the last syllables of Koichi's sentence.  In this case, it was "deshita"!  And the victory goes to Tsuyoshi, cuz Koichi ended up trying not to grin!  Somehow, I got the feeling that the 2 of them were having a bet as to who can make the other person laugh first!  2 bakas.......but very kawaii ones!

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