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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Koichi Domoto's New Single 『妖 ~あやかし~』 Ayakashi to be released on 29 July 2009!!!

堂本光一『妖 ~あやかし~』.mp3 -

awakenyourself.mp3 -

Koichi is finally releasing a new solo single after 3 long years!

According to dictionary, "Ayakashi" means a ghost that appears at sea during a shipwreck. Interesting! I was waiting for the CD covers to come out, hoping to be able to gain some insight into the song from the CD covers. However, I have to admit that I'm still quite clueless even after looking at the CD covers. The only thing that comes to my mind is Titantic...... Oh well, at least Koichi looks good in the CD covers!

In case you are confused about the different CD versions, there are 3 versions in total. The unique features in each edition are as follows:
1) Limited edition - you get a DVD! (Of course must buy!)
2) Normal edition (limited release) - you get 1 new re-arranged song "Falling -2009-" and "Koichi’s Photo of Attractive Nature" (not too sure what's that, probably a photo)
3) Normal edition - you get 2 new re-arranged songs "Falling -2009-" and "Peaceful World -2009-"

I'm probably getting 2 versions - Limited edition and Normal edition, but I'm also very tempted by that mysterious "Koichi’s Photo of Attractive Nature" in the Normal edition (limited release). Arghhhhhh! Koichi, you really know how to tempt us to spend $$$!!!

Quickly place your pre-orders with, or CDJapan! I definitely hope Koichi can get No. 1 on the Oricon chart and have very good sales!

Source: Johnny's Entertainment

堂本光一ニューシングル『妖 ~あやかし~』2009年7月29日発売決定!!


初回限定盤 (Limited)

通常盤(初回プレス) Norm (Ltd) 

通常盤 Norm



M1:妖 ~あやかし~
M2:Awaken Yourself

・「妖 ~あやかし~」Music Clip
・「妖 ~あやかし~」Making


CD(全3曲 + inst 1曲)

M1:妖 ~あやかし~
M2:Awaken Yourself
M3:Falling -2009-
M4:妖 ~あやかし~(Backing Track with Koichi's Chorus)

②「Falling -2009-」収録 <初回盤未収録>
③「妖 ~あやかし~(Backing Track with Koichi’s Chorus)」
 収録 <初回盤・通常盤未収録>
④「Koichi’s Photo of Attractive Nature」封入


M1:妖 ~あやかし~
M2:Awaken Yourself
M3:Falling -2009-
M4:Peaceful World -2009-

②「Falling -2009-」収録 <初回盤未収録>
③「Peaceful World -2009-」収録 <初回盤未収録>


Anonymous said...


You are fast in your updte today. From the covers, I think we make the right choice.

Knowing Koichi's keeness to photo, I am not surprise that attractive nature can really be "nature" hahahaha....

He looks good but no more bare body nor arms. Any way he is too skinny but he does have nice arm muscle.

Tsuyo looks very soft and serene in the latest "flower arrangement" photo series. You saw them?


Chrissy said...

Hi Ros,

My final order is 2 CDs - Limited and Normal (Ltd). Got tempted by the Koichi's Photo of Attractive Nature. As for the Normal version, I will wait to get the Taiwan/HK version. Then I can have the Chinese lyrics!

Yes, I saw Tsuyoshi's flower arrangement photos. He's gorgeous in them! Am tempted to buy the mag just for those 2 photos...

virgopalz said...

Hi!! Wow Koichi's new single does looks great!!!
Do you mind if I post the pictures of his covers on Domoto Kyoudai's live Journal community??
I will be sure to link it back to you and credit you! ^^

Do let me know yea?? =DD

Chrissy said...

Hi, virgopalz, no prob for you to take the photos. I took them from Johnny's Entertainment website also.