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Monday, February 23, 2009

Domoto Brothers #376 (090222): 600th Episode (Love Love Aishiteru x Domoto Brothers)

This is the 600th episode based on a combined count of Love Love Aishiteru and Domoto Brothers! Congrats to KinKi Kids!

All in all, it was a very happy and upbeat episode. I'll update the post after I get hold of the video with Chinese subtitles.

The reason why I am writing this first is because there was one particular scene that caught my attention. I have to say I am feeling very down after noticing it and I just wanted to air out my thoughts.

Please don't read on if you don't want to get affected by my gloomy thoughts at the beginning of a week. These are just my KKL melancholic thoughts and I do not claim any rationale or basis for them. If you still choose to carry on reading despite my caution, just remember not to take them too seriously.

Koichi and Takami-san were conversing on a certain subject. I don't exactly know the details they are talking about but it's something to do with Koichi's wish to get married. At least that's what the Japanese words on the bottom right of the screen mean. The camera then shifted to Tsuyoshi who was smiling very sweetly but just before the camera shot got cut off, it caught a very brief glimpse of Tsuyoshi's smile disappearing. I tried to cut out the screen pics but I just couldn't get the very last scene pic where his sad look appeared.....

Apparently, I'm not the only one who noted this. Another fan mentioned on her Chinese blog that she and her friend both noted a moment where Tsuyoshi's expression looked heartrending (切ない). I really don't want to see Tsuyoshi with this look of lonely sadness....... I hope the subtitles will come out soon. What Koichi had said in this scene would probably give a clearer indication of Tsuyoshi's thoughts.

I have to admit that the "kisses" at the Phi con and KinKi you con have forced a KKL fan like me to acknowledge that it is more likely than not that they are not "together". However, somehow, I always feel that Tsuyoshi is in more than Koichi. Those who know will know what I mean. And that's why it's even more heartrending to see Tsuyoshi with this sad look on his face when the topic is revolving around Koichi's wish to get married. This is the worst nightmare for a KKL fan, that one is in love with the other but the other is not.

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