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Monday, February 23, 2009

KinKi Kids Fan Vid: Wrong Love ("You Are My Love" - Tsubasa Chronicles)

This KinKi Kids' fan video is made by ydarkila (click here for the video webpage). The video is titled "错恋" - Wrong Love.

The background song is "You Are My Love" (Japanese version), which is the theme song of Tsubasa Chronicles Movie (anime created by CLAMP). This has always been one of my favourite anime OST. The lyrics paint a vivid and poignant picture of Sakura missing her childhood love, Syaoran, who is lost in another time & dimension. I have pasted a video of the anime with the song as the backdrop further down this post.

In this KK fan vid, ydarkila beautifully uses the imagery of the white and black dots in the Yakusoku MTV together with the song "You Are My Love" to depict a story where KinKi Kids are originally the stars known as "白耀" (Bai Yao - White Glory) and "黑允" (Hei Yun - Black Justice), who have transformed into the human form to be together. However, their times together are always bitter-sweet, for both know in their hearts that this will not last forever. Ultimately, they will be transformed back into stars they were and be forever separated by time.

Lyrics Source: Anime Academy Radio

You Are My Love
Music & Lyrics By:梶浦由記
Singer:牧野由依 Makino Yui





Ame ni nureta hoho wa
Namida no nioi ga shita
Yasashii manazashi no

Shizuka ni hibiiteru
Natsukashii ongaku
Omoi dasenai kioku

Yume wa tobitatsu no chiisana tsubasa de
Omoi no kienai basho made
Futari de
Tooi umi wo sora wo koete

Kurai yoru no naka de
Watashi wo terashiteru
Yasashii manazashi no
Anata ni

English Translation:
My cheeks are soaked in rain
The scent of tears lies underneath
The tender look of
The traveler.

Resounds in silence
The nostalgic music.
A memory that I try to recall

My dream takes off on these little wings
To a place where affections do not disappear
The two of us
Crossing over distant sea and sky.

In the darkness of the night
Your tender look
Shines upon me
I want to meet you...

Another beautiful fanvid of Tsubasa Chronicles:

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