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Created on 21 Sept 2008.

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tsuyoshi's Shindoi #303 (090219): Tsuyoshi & His "Hot" Vogues & Scissors, Paper, Stone

My Three Stars 僕の三ツ星 (Boku no mitsu hoshi)
Guests: Nishiyama Maki (西山茉希), Tomonori Jinnai (陣内智則) and Kendo Kobayashi (ケンドーコバヤシ)

Can someone please tell me again that Tsuyoshi is really going 30 soon? How can he be so cute? Make sure you don't miss his final scene where he's doing his super cute "Mata raishu" (See you next week) and "Tada"! Kawaii!

Thanks to pinkrain24451 for the video and the highlights on this episode.

Maki-san loves to eat spicy food and she even brings 3 extra bottles of spice to her own restaurant to eat! And here begins Tsuyoshi's "Hot" Battles! *fufufu*

1st "Hot" Battle: Tsuyoshi vs Mr House Spice

Tsuyoshi was first asked to try out the spice used at the restaurant by taking a lick.
Hahahahaha! Look at his look of distaste!Tsuyoshi must be thinking in his mind: "You are kidding me! This is awful!"

2nd "Hot" Battle: Tsuyoshi vs Mrs Chili Powder

Next, Tsuyoshi was asked to try out this red chili powder spice. As Maki-san was pouring the chili powder into the food, Tsuyoshi said in a kid-like voice,
"Onesan onesan, chotto ire suki jya nai yo."
(Rough translation should be: "Elder sister, elder sister, dun put so much, I dun like yo")
It's so funny hearing him call Maki-san elder sister since she's much younger than him!
Now why is Tsuyoshi having such a pained look on his face?
Because look at the amount of chili powder Maki-san has poured onto Tsuyoshi's food!
Well, our brave Tsuyoshi is smiling as he prepares to take on Mrs Chili Powder.
Tsuyoshi must be thinking, "Hmm...I'm still ok!"
And the next moment, before you know it, the spiciness hits him face-on!
(Staff were laughing hysterically at this point)

3rd "Hot" Battle: Tsuyoshi vs Ms Pepper

The 3 men had to undergo a battle of "Scissors Paper Stone" and the loser will have to eat the dish that Maki-san had poured a lot of pepper into!
Tomonori-san won in the first round of Scissors Paper Stone.
Tsuyoshi had such a cute look on his face when he realised he lost. Kawaii!
Tomonori-san wanted to add on more pepper into the food. Naturally, he got whacked by his partner and Tsuyoshi!
And in the final battle of "Scissors Paper Stone" between Kendo-san and Tsuyoshi, guess who won?
And look at how cute Tsuyoshi's reaction is to his loss! Look out for his sheepish grins and his sub-conscious raising of his "stone" a few times as if he couldn't believe it! Kawaii!
LL thoughts: Remember how Koichi kept losing to Tsuyoshi in "Scissors Paper Stone" during KinKi you con? Somehow, I recollect that Koichi was supposedly famed for winning at these type of games, and Tsuyoshi was the exact converse. Well, Koichi, are you really helping Tsuyoshi by letting him win you??? *fufufu*

And so, our brave warrior now prepares to face his 3rd battle of the day, with Ms Pepper!
Look at how happy and excited everybody else is! Staff even prepared a special screen intro for Tsuyoshi entitled "Japan's Hot Experience (Tsuyoshi)"

And so our final battle begins! Tsuyoshi looks good as he takes on Ms Pepper with a smile. Will he be able to take it?

He's taking his last bite! Looking good!

All in his mouth now! He's still smiling!

Wait a minute! Oh no, his smile has disappeared!

(Subtitles by Staff: Is this a repeat of his nightmare?)

Tsuyoshi is so overtaken by the spiciness of Ms Pepper that even his legs are up!

Well, even though it's 3 straight losses for Tsuyoshi, we fans can still get to enjoy watching him "VOGUE"! *fufufu*

LL thoughts: Hahahahaha! Oops! Koichi, please doesn't laserbeam me! I'm only posting the photos. The ones who filmed it, the ones who were laughing at Tsuyoshi, the ones who thought of the stupid battles, the two guys who won him, they are the culprits!
(And just to make sure Koichi's laserbeam is fixed on the right targets, here's the final photo to ensure that!)

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Anonymous said...

He sure is kawaii. If Koichi really love him, we can understand for he is cuter and prettier than many many many girls.

As for looks, both KK looks younger and happier everyday.

Keep it that way.

KinKi Kids Forever!!!!