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Sunday, January 18, 2009

090114 Koichi's Unlucky Laboratory! アンラッキー研究所!

The comedy act between Koichi and Kame is very funny!!!

Koichi thanked Kame for a hard day's work but Kame told Koichi that he is not Kame, but that he is Kanzaki Shizuk from his new drama - Kami no Shizuku. Koichi asked who is that and Kame explained that he is the son of a genius red wine critic. Koichi then asked if Kame wanted to also become a wine critic but Kame said not really, he doesn't know much about wine and he works in a beer company. Koichi told him to bring some wine and he will show him how to drink wine.
And from here, we start the comedic act where Kame keeps bringing things that rhyme with the word "wine", like pine (pineapple), sign (as in signing on autograph board), queen (queen's album and they sang "We will rock you"!), coin, nine, etc. Finally, Kame gave Koichi wine but Koichi nearly forgot what he wanted in the first place and nearly threw it away also!

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