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Created on 21 Sept 2008.

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Saturday, January 31, 2009

KinKi Kids on Utaban 090129 - Yakusoku (Part 1): The Wall is Koichi's Friend?!?! Koichi is a Still Life Painting?!?!

Please click here to listen to the song tracks in KinKi Kids' newest 28th single CD - Yakusoku. The songs are really beautiful!

*Credit Acknowledgement: The pictures are cut from the video uploaded by 小兔仔子.

KinKi Kids talk video can be seen at YouTube: Part 1 and Part 2.

KinKi Kids appeared on Utaban for only about 15 minutes, including performing their 28th single - Yakusoku plus showing footage from their past appearances on Utaban at 18, 20 and 25 years old plus showing footage of a female calligraphy teacher writing the Kanji character of song (*Orz!*) 15 minutes is just too short! (But look at how long my post the end, I have to split my post into 3 or 4...or at least I hope that's all...*trying to sneak away quiety*)

Anyway, I was hoping for some KKL juicy bits to happen since Nakai-san appears to be the dai senpai (very senior) of the KKL cohort but no such luck this time. Oh well, if you don't mind me stretching things a bit, it's still possible to find some KKL elements in this episode. So read on with a pinch of salt (and there's a reason why I'm using the word "salt"! Please see Part 2 (or 3? or 4?......) for the answer! *Fufufufu*).

In this episode, Tsuyoshi is mainly doing the talking but his talking is ALL about ONE particular person. And that person is......(drumroll) his one and only partner, KOICHI!
(You guessed correctly?! Wow, good for you! Kekekekeke!)

The Wall is Koichi's Friend?!?!

Nakai asked them was there anything they felt different for the 2008 summer tour around Japan since their last one 8 years ago. Tsuyoshi lost no time in starting his "complaints" about his beloved partner. He said that for this tour, they had had more opportunities to go out for dinner together. The two of them would usually sit at the corner of the table and Koichi would maintain the same pose (looks like a stoned expression based on Tsuyoshi's most of the time, and after taking a sip of alcohol from his cup, Koichi will make a very soft "haiz" sound.
(My my, someone is very observant of Koichi's slightest gesture! *Fufufu*)
(Look at how merrily Koichi is laughing away!)

Koichi then commented that there would usually be a wall or a pillar beside him where he's sitting, and that he would somehow become quite well acquainted with them.
(......! Well, Nakai understood it to mean Koichi would fall asleep leaning against the wall or pillar.)
(KKL heart04 Whisper: Look at how sweetly Tsuyoshi is smiling at Koichi! I guess even silly things Koichi does would appear kawaii in Tsuyoshi's eyes! *fufufu* heart04Rating: ♡)

Tsuyoshi then said that usually, after about 2 hours or so, people would start mixing around or join in conversations that they find interesting, but Koichi would remain exactly where he was, and Koichi actually nodded his head in agreement.
Nakai commented that Koichi would then be akin to a still life painting and Tsuyoshi without missing a beat affirmed it!
(Lol! Well, if Koichi is a still life painting, he would probably make a very beautiful one!)
Nagai asked if it was because Koichi was not interested in the discussion topics. Koichi's reply to that was an implicit yes as he said that he always felt quite apologetic about it. And Tsuyoshi burst out laughing on hearing his partner's answer.
(Well, considering that Koichi's idea of interesting is the Theory of Relativity......need I say more?! *kekeke*)
After having fun divulging his partner's "anti-social" behaviour, Tsuyoshi then very seriously tried to explain Koichi's behaviour. The way he said it was like a concerned mother commenting on her kid. He said that Koichi was always worried that he will create trouble for or be a burden to others. But he would later think about who was the person who said this and that.
(I'm not too sure what Tsuyoshi meant here but I think he's probably saying that Koichi feels bad about participating in people's conversations in case his presence is not wanted. However, though he appears not to be participating, he is in fact listening and he would later think back about what they said.)
(KKL heart04 Whisper: You can see that Tsuyoshi is slightly uptight during the explanation. Perhaps there were people who misunderstood Koichi's behaviour as being cold or anti-social, and he's feeling aggrieved for Koichi. The 2 of them are really a family to each other. On a lighter note, Tsuyoshi could only have said the things he said because Koichi has been sharing with Tsuyoshi his thoughts of what people said after their dinner outings!
heart04Rating: )

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