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Created on 21 Sept 2008.

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Music Station 090123: KinKi Kids' New 28th Single - Yakusoku

Mini Station
During the Mini Station, the two of them started fooling around by imitating Gackt's robotic dance movements, and before you know it, Koichi's hand smacked into Tsuyoshi's hand. Both of them were fanning their hands away in pain and Gackt said, "Retribution!". They were having so much fun that they kept missing the female host's questions! When the female host asked them what was special about their performance that night, Tsuyoshi immediately replied with a straight face, "Nai desu (nothing)!" and Koichi's melting snow laugh came on. Hahahahaha! Totally unrepentant, at the ending part of Mini Station, the two devils carried on with their imitation and even did an impromptu robotic rendition of Gackt's victory sign! Tsuyo did first and naturally Koichi had to follow suit! LOL!

KinKi Kids Interview


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