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Created on 21 Sept 2008.

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

KinKi you Concert: The Meaning of 30 Roses

KinKi you Countdown Concert 2008-2009:
Happy Happy Greeting

We all know that Tsuyoshi gave 30 red roses to Koichi as his 30th birthday present at the 2008-2009 Johnny's Countdown / KinKi you concert at the start of 1 Jan 2009. The choice of 30 roses was obviously meant to tie in with the age of Koichi. However, out of pure curiosity, I checked the internet for the meaning of 30 roses and came across this answer on the Chinese websites: -

30朵玫瑰象征—— 信是有缘!
30 roses symbolises destiny. A full translation would be - "I believe we are fated".

I recall an episode in Domoto Brothers where Koichi said something like when he first met Tsuyoshi, he felt that they were fated to be together. Tsuyoshi unfortunately spoilt the whole ambience by saying that he thought Koichi's surname was Tanaka!!! Well, strangely enough, the meaning of 30 roses echoes Koichi's then very words.

Indeed, destiny has its strange twists and turns.


ryo said...


I come across your blog when I search something on google. I'm so glad since there's almost limited of KinKi fans who use blogspot :)

So, 30 roses means "I believe we are fated"? Wow, I mean wow Tsuyoshi!^^'

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine,

You really went to find out Wow!

They are destined to be together for both had acknowledged that their meeting is destiny.


Anonymous said...


Hajimemashite! ^_^

I come across your blog thru my friend's recommendation, and find it really interesting! xD I enjoy being here and reading what you post! Especially KKL. Haha truly we need more KKL english sources!

It's very nice. Please keep on writing. ^.^

PS. Wow! 30 roses symbolises destiny. "I believe we are fated"??? daksadadfgfgl!! XDD Thanks for letting me know!! Tsuyooshiiii