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Created on 21 Sept 2008.

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Domoto Brothers #372 (090125): Gackt returns as guest after 6 years and leg-wrestles with KinKi Kids!

This episode of Domoto Brothers is super funny! You must not miss it!

Opening Song: Yakusoku

Gackt falling asleep during Domoto Brothers & the Burning Birthday Cake!?!

DB crew is very very bad! :P They showed past footage of Gackt falling asleep in 3 separate filming sessions. Super hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing. Watch out for Tsuyoshi in the little screen at the bottom left corner when he is laughing away. Kawaiiiii!

Gackt as always is so cool and composed even after he is caught falling asleep! He said that his seat (which is coincidentally where Takami-san is sitting now, and I said coincidentally cuz Takami-san is also notorious for falling asleep during filming *fufufu*) is filled with an evil aura that induces sleep! His excuses in the videos:-
1st video - his leg was numb
2nd video - he apologized (gomen gomen) and said his action had nothing to do with the talk going on
3rd video - he simply asked them to continue with the talk!
I must say Takami-san's snoozing is nothing compared to Gackt-kun's! Hahahahaha!

And there's also that "burning" birthday cake for Gackt's 427th birthday! Sure gave me a shock when Koichi pushed it in but Gackt just calmly threw a towel over the "burning" cake putting out the fire and then blew out the last few candles!

Super cool dude! You must not miss this video!!!

Tsuyoshi thinks leg wresting is smelly!?! Does Koichi really like that sort of guy that goes "Oh!" !?!


Flying Kisses by Gackt & Koichi! sure Koichi is doing the same thing as Gackt?!

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